Did Audrey Hepburn do her own dancing in Funny Face?

Did Audrey Hepburn do her own dancing in Funny Face?

In 1964’s “My Fair Lady,” Hepburn’s modest singing voice was notoriously swapped out and dubbed by Marni Nixon. But in “Funny Face,” she did all her own singing. 16. She also did her own dancing, calling upon her childhood ballet training in three numbers.

Who choreographed the dances in Funny Face?

Eugene Loring
In Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn turns to a cynical Fred Astaire in a dimly lit, bohemian café and says: “Isn’t it time you realised that dancing is nothing more than a form of expression or release?” She then bounds into the centre of the room and scorches herself into cinematic history with an impromptu, expressive …

When was Funny Face made?

February 13, 1957 (USA)
Funny Face/Release date

Does Audrey Hepburn do her own singing in Sabrina?

Hepburn was not known for singing yet still gave several musical performances, beginning with Sabrina in 1954. She also performed several numbers in Funny Face including the solo “How Long Has This Been Going On?” and recorded several numbers for her role in My Fair Lady, though the majority of them were dubbed.

Does Audrey Hepburn actually sing in My Fair Lady?

Although her singing was dubbed by Marni Nixon, Audrey Hepburn’s singing does actually appear in the form of the first verse of “Just You Wait, Henry Higgins,” However, when the song heads into the soprano range (one minute and sixteen seconds in), Nixon takes over vocals.

What was Katharine Hepburn’s net worth when she passed away?

Katharine Hepburn net worth: Katharine Hepburn was an American actress who had a net worth equal to $30 million at the time of her death (after adjusting for inflation)….Katharine Hepburn Net Worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Date of Birth: May 12, 1907 – Jun 29, 2003 (96 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.715 m)
Profession: Actor

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