Did Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck ever play together?

Did Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck ever play together?

It’s been 10 years since Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck launched their six-night co-headlining tour at The O2 on 13 February 2010. At the dawn of their careers, both guitarists spent time in The Yardbirds, one of the key bands in Britain’s 1960s blues revival.

Does Eric Clapton have an opening act?

His band will include guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, organist Paul Carrack, bassist Nathan East, drummers Sonny Emory and Steve Gadd, keyboardist Chris Stainton, and backup singers Sharon White and Katie Kissoon. Jimmie Vaughan will serve as the opening act.

Is Eric Clapton touring the US in 2020?

When the 2020 tour was moved to 2021 on March 24, Clapton’s Facebook page noted, “The health and safety of our band, crew, venue staff and fans are our top priority.” All of the venues remain the same; see the new schedule below.

Was Eric Clapton in Led Zeppelin?

But Blind Faith guitarist Eric Clapton wasn’t blown away by his Led Zeppelin counterpart Jimmy Page. While Clapton checked out Led Zeppelin, who had released only their debut album at the time but were already on their third tour of North America, Page didn’t reciprocate.

Is Jeff Beck better than Clapton?

Jeff Beck never stopped improving, refining his technique, seeking new ways to express himself; he’s a better player today than he has ever been . Clapton sold far more records than Beck, and is known by far, far, far more people. Most people know a song by him, conrary to Beck.

Does Eric Clapton live in America?

Rocker Eric Clapton prefers to spend time at his home in Columbus, Ohio – because he can go unrecognised and lead a normal life.

Does Jimmy Page like Eric Clapton?

In Page’s words, he, Clapton, and Beck were “arch-buddies” in those days. Clapton and Page were close enough, in fact, for Page to turn down the Yardbirds gig the first time he was offered it (out of deference to Clapton). However, the Clapton-Page relationship deteriorated shortly after.

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