Did Tiger win the 2008 Open?

Did Tiger win the 2008 Open?

As Open returns to San Diego, look back at how golf great played through painful leg injuries to beat Rocco Mediate in 19-hole playoff and earn 14th major championship. Two images stand out above all others from Tiger Woods’ 2008 U.S. Open championship at Torrey Pines. Both have everything to do with Woods’ victory.

Did Tiger Woods win the U.S. Open with a broken leg?

Woods in 2008 was privately fighting the pain of a double stress fracture of his left tibia that he kept under wraps. Yes, he won the U.S. Open with a broken leg.

Did Tiger beat Rocco?

The 121st U.S. Open begins Thursday at Torrey Pines in San Diego, 13 years after Tiger Woods defeated Greensburg native Rocco Mediate in an 18-hole Monday playoff.

What injury did Tiger Woods have in 2008?

2008. In April after the Masters, Woods has surgery on his left knee to repair cartilage damage. In May, doctors tell him he has two stress fractures in his left tibia.

What was Tigers score in 2008 US Open?

2008 U.S. Open (golf)

Tournament information
Winner’s share $1,350,000 €858,181
Tiger Woods
283 (−1), playoff

What did Tiger shoot at 2008 US Open?

Tiger shot an inward-nine 30 on Friday afternoon How rare is a 30 in the U.S. Open? It was the first time any player had done it in seven years, or more than 2,800 rounds.

Did Tiger break his leg in 2008?

It was Tiger’s so-called one-legged major, played on two stress fractures and a torn ACL in his left knee. After Woods essentially willed himself to victory, it seemed like the moment when everyone had to concede that, yes, not only would Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ record for majors, but he would crush it as well.

How did Tiger break his leg 2008 US Open?

In fact, Woods was playing with a torn ACL and a double stress fracture of his tibia he sustained during recovery. No one knew he was playing with a torn ligament and a BROKEN LEG until two days after this win when Woods announced he’d undergo another surgery and miss the rest of the season.

Was Tiger Woods leg broken bad?

In the crash, Woods suffered “significant orthopaedic injuries to his right lower extremity,” according to a medical statement released on his social media account, including a “comminuted open fractures” in both the upper and lower portions of his tibia and fibula in his right leg as well as damage to his foot and …

How did Tiger break his leg 2008 U.S. Open?

What was winning score at 2008 US Open?

– 1
Win No. 65: 2008 U.S. Open

DATE 06/15/2008 EVENT U.S. Open Championship
COURSE Torrey Pines (South Course) WINNING SCORE – 1 (283)
EARNINGS $ 1,350,000 TIGER’S AGE 32 Years Old

Who won the US Open 2008?

United States
Tiger Woods
2008 U.S. Open/Winners

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