Did Triumph make a GT6 convertible?

Did Triumph make a GT6 convertible?

The Triumph GT6 is a 6-cylinder sports coupé built by Standard-Triumph, based on their popular Triumph Spitfire convertible. Production ran from 1966 to 1973….

Triumph GT6
1973 Triumph GT6 Mk III
Manufacturer Standard-Triumph
Production 1966–1973

Are Triumph gt6 reliable?

Common problems. The Triumph straight-six engine is famed for its oil leaks, and rattles at start up. These ‘characteristics’ can be engineered out without too much difficulty or expense. If looked after with oil changes every 6000 miles it’ll last 100,000 miles between rebuilds.

What was the fastest Triumph car?

At the June 03 British Motor Heritage auction a factory prototype TR8 was sold. Listed in the catalogue as the fastest ever Triumph, it came complete with a certificate to ‘prove’ it.

When did Triumph Herald come out?

The Triumph Herald is a small two-door car introduced by Standard-Triumph of Coventry in 1959 and made through to 1971.

What kind of engine does a 1972 Triumph GT6 have?

The GT6 was launched in 1966 as a fastback version of the popular Spitfire model. Powered by 2.0 litre engine from the Triumph 2000… More 1972 Triumph GT6 MKIII that needs complete restoration. It is a mostly complete car with all attachments and accessories.

What kind of engine does a 1976 Triumph Spitfire have?

The car is registered as 1976 triumph spitfire.It appears to be gt6 model with the six cylinder.This would make it more desirable… Aspect of having a full triumph gt6 + drivetrain in the car….

How many miles does a 1968 Triumph GT6 Mk3 have?

1968 TRIUMPH GT6 MARK 1 . 3 OWNER 36,000 MILE RUST FREE SURVIVOR WITH ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER AND SALES… More Triumph GT6 MK3 | Valencia Blue | Good condition | 1973 Highlights: – Original factory colour: Valencia Blue – Minilite rims -…

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