A love triangle, a road-trip, a trauma family… ingredients not particularly original on paper. And yet ! MOON DOGS is full of inventivités and details tasty in appearance anecdotal, but reveal the characters and their relationships in the course of the story.

Agreeing to help his brother-in-law to a concert, where “he will only have to press a button”, Michael (Jack Parry-Jones) will fall out of the top. Anything to ruin his plans with his pretty girlfriend, a party to Glasgow to study at the college. Perhaps through guilt, perhaps for purposes more personal, his step-brother Thor (Christy O Donnel) will follow him in a great adventure to find her. By the way, they encounter very quickly Caitlin (Tara Lee) who will derail their program.

Looking at MOON DOGS it is said that the screenwriters Raymond Friel and Derek Boyle perfectly know where they are going and at the same time allowing differences that give all the salt to their scenario. One really has the impression to attend of the outputs of the road, which reinforce the fun inherent in the comic situations. With Philip John to the realization (first feature film at the cinema, but already producer for the Being Human tv and other series) we keep both feet on the Ground for a long moment before turning in moments of zany, erotic and magical. But all of these talents would not be much without the performance of the three actors, the real keystone of MOON DOGS. Touching, funny, and attractive, they give each want to believe to a brilliant career despite their young age. We don’t know what advice Philip John gave them, but they are in the release and the complicity. The word alchemy is really not overused for the occasion, because with ingredients innocuous, the lead is here transformed into gold.

Thoma Coispel

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