Discussion with Fabien Drugeon, author and producer of the film WILLIAM, THE YOUTH OF the CONQUEROR, a historical fresco depicting the ascension of a bastard to win the duchy of Normandy, before taking off to England to enter in the legend.

The film was produced with 65 000 € (six seconds of Gladiator) and has experienced a wide success in Normandy. This tour de force was made possible thanks to the dedication of more than 450 people, professionals or amateurs (actors, technicians, riders, masters of the weapon, etc.). GUILLAUME, the YOUTH OF THE CONQUERANT , to be released Brady on 01/11/15 at 17h and the 03/11/15 at 20h. Additional screenings will depend on bookings on the website of the film the Brady.

Fabien Drugeon is now working on a western in full franco-prussian war (1870), providing a parallel to the original with the civil war. The director is open to any potential collaboration (screenwriter, producer or other), you can write him directly at fabien3457[at]live.fr

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Original title : Guillaume, the Youth of the Conqueror

Achievement : Fabien Drugeon

Scenario :Fabien Drugeon

Main players : Tiésay Deshayes, Jean-Damien Détouillon, Dan Bronchinson, Geoffroy Lidvan, Eric Rulliat, Thomas Debaene, Pierrick Billard, Gauthier Battoue

Country of origin : France

Output : 01/11/15 (exit paris after 5 months of operation in Normandy since 6 May 2015)

Duration : 1h30mn

Distributor : Films of The Cartel, contact Johan Clement (responsible for dissemination and Press relations contact.johanclement[at]gmail.com)

Synopsis : The youth of William, Duke of Normandy, the future king of England.


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