Do EU citizens need a visa for Belarus?

Do EU citizens need a visa for Belarus?

Belarus has unilaterally introduced measures to facilitate short-term visa-free travel for EU citizens arriving in Minsk.

Can EU travel to Belarus?

The visa facilitation agreement will allow EU and Belarusian citizens to travel more freely and the agreement on readmission will also contribute to addressing irregular migration, for the benefit of both Belarus and the EU.”

Is Belarus an EU member state?

Belarus is amongst the few states in Europe that have not asked for membership in the European Union. Similarly, the European Union has not offered membership to Minsk.

Is Schengen visa valid for Belarus?

The European countries that are not part of the Schengen zone are Albania, Andora, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and Vatican City.

Can I go to Belarus with Schengen visa?

Belarus. Nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, China (up to 3 DAYS) who want to enter, transit and perform short-stays in the territory of the Republic of Belarus can do that without needing a Belarus Visa, in case they possess a valid Schengen Visa (For more and updated information please click here!).

Is Belarus a Schengen country?

Why is Belarus not in the Council of Europe?

Belarus is not a member of the Council of Europe, because it does not meet our human rights and democratic standards. In particular, it will have to abolish the death penalty if it wants to join.

Which part of Europe is Belarus?

Eastern Europe
The Republic of Belarus is located in the center of Europe, is part of Eastern Europe.

Which EU countries are not in Schengen?

What documents do I need to apply for a Belarus Visa?

Documents For A Belarus Visa. There are three main documents that you need to present when applying for a visa – the application form, a photo, and your passport or another travel document. You can get the visa application on the Belarusian embassy website and you have to complete it by hand in block letters.

Who is entitled to the €35 visa fee in Belarus?

Stateless persons permanently residing in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are also entitled to the €35 visa fee. Foreigners under the age of 12 are exempt from the visa fee. Japanese citizens are exempt from paying for any type of the Belarusian visa. Foreigners will have to pay an additional fee:

How much does it cost to travel to Belarus?

The new rates of the consular fees for entry visas became effective in Belarus on 1 January 2017. An individual visa – €60 (for all types of visas, regardless of the number of entries); A group visa (per person) – €10.

How long is a Belarus visa valid for?

Short-term visas can be single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visas. Tourists usually receive a short-term group visa via their travel agency. Long-term visas (D) are usually valid for the period ranging from 90 days to five years and allow multiple entry to Belarus.

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