Do pros use slice serve?

Do pros use slice serve?

If you look at all the pros playing on the tour today, they are using this wide slice serve to open up the court. It feels great to be able to hit a serve, and stretch your opponent off the court. Honestly, it doesn’t happen that often, so you definitely want to use your slice serve more often to open up the court.

What is a slice serve in tennis?

The slice serve in tennis is one of the most effective ways to start a tennis point on serve for both right and left handed players. If executed correctly, a good slice serve will open the court up on the deuce side for a right hander and the advantage side for a left hander.

Can a left-handed player use a slice serve?

So when a left-handed player uses a slice serve the ball will bounce towards the right-handed opponent’s backhand, which is in most cases weaker than their forehand. The most important part of the slice serve is placement. While a flat serve is best if it is fast, a slice serve is at its best when it is hit in the right spot.

What side do you hit the ball on to serve?

For a typical flat serve you would want to hit the ball more or less flat on with the string bed to gain the most amount of power from pronation. For a slice serve however we want to hit the ball on the top right hand side of the ball (top left for left handed tennis players).

What’s the difference between a slice and a flat serve?

What’s the Difference? In comparison to the most commonly used serve, the flat serve, the slice serve will skid across the tennis court instead of bouncing up, and the ball will travel slower.

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