Does Australia have FM radio?

Does Australia have FM radio?

Currently there are almost 300 commercial radio stations (with over 20 networks) and more than 400 community radio stations in Australia, together with ABC and SBS broadcasting on 3200 FM, 390 AM frequencies and 15 DAB multiplexes. …

What radio station is Australia all over on?

Australia All Over is a long-running weekly Sunday morning radio program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The show airs each Sunday morning from 5:30am until 10am on the ABC Local Radio network and has been continuously presented by Ian McNamara since 1985.

When did FM radio start in Australia?

In Australia experimental FM broadcasts were commenced in 1948. However after an Inquiry into FM in 1957, where little interest was shown, the Government authorised the use of the international VHF FM band for television in 1961. By the early 1940s the Australian radio broadcasting scene was established.

What happened to TFM live radio station?

About TFM Listen to the internet radio of TFM live, which started its broadcasting in 1975 as local radio station for the people of Teesside and its surroundings – County Durham and North Yorkshire. In 2013 TFM was merged with Metro Radio, from then they share their programming and serve together North East England.

Where can I listen to Durham TFM?

Durham – 96.6 FM North Yorkshire – 96.6 FM Teeside – 96.6 FM The broadcast is available on the traditional analogue radio way in Durham and North Yorkshire, and also on the digital solutions like DAB Digital Radio, we recommend the online radio stream. TFM Frequency map Shane Codd feat.

Where are metrometro & TFM based in Newcastle?

Metro & TFM are relocating their studios and offices to the Grade II listed Gainsborough House on Grey Street in Newcastle. The studios will be used for Steve and Karen’s weekday Breakfast Show whilst the offices will host commercial teams from both stations.

What radio stations to listen to in Frankfurt?

Listen to radio stations from Frankfurt, from a wide variety of genres like Dance, House, Pop, Rock and Top 40. Enjoy stations such as YOU FM, MWR 1 Radio, planet radio, 54 Funk Soul Dance, planet radio – the club and more.

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