Does CSC course expire?

Does CSC course expire?

Validity period of the CSC-certificate CSC certification is valid for three years. Once certification is obtained, the certificate holder must ensure remaining compliance with the performance level stated by the Certification Body (CB) at the moment of issuing the certificate. The certificate expires after three years.

What does CSC cache mean?

The Offline Files (CSC or Client Side Caching) cache and database has a built-in capability to restart if its contents are suspected of being corrupted.

How do I reload my CSC laundry card?

CSC Laundry Card Reload

  1. Register on website service of CSC laundry card.
  2. Set up a payment profile, and use your credit/debit card to store funds on the app.
  3. Take your phone to the laundry room and turn on your Bluetooth.
  4. Select an available machine and pay for one cycle using your credit/debit card.

What happens if you fail the CSC test?

The exam will be sent to a different marker for re-marking. A fee will apply. If you failed your exam and want to request an exam re-evaluation, please send an Exam Re-evaluation Request Form within four weeks of the notification of your failure to CSI Customer Support.

How much does the CSC cost?

Complete Course & Certification Exams List

Securities Sector Price(Cdn$)
Canadian Securities Course (CSC®)
Online, interactive version with online textbook (PDF) $1200.00
Online, interactive version with hard-copy textbook $1300.00
Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) Value Pack Combo $1600.00

How many times can you fail CSC?

For most CSI courses, you may attempt an exam a maximum of three times during your course enrolment period, including any extensions you may have purchased.

What is the pass rate for CSC exam?

Cost: Varies. Number of Questions: 100 questions per exam. Passing Score: 60% per exam.

What happens to the CSC cache when the computer is restarted?

When the computer is restarting, the shell will re-initialize the CSC cache, and then delete the registry key if the registry entry exists. All cache files are deleted and unsynchronized data is lost. You can also automate the process of setting this registry value by using the Reg.exe command line editor.

What is the Offline Files (CSC) restart feature?

The Offline Files (CSC or Client Side Caching) cache and database has a built-in capability to restart if its contents are suspected of being corrupted. If corruption is suspected, the Synchronization Wizard may return the following error message: Unable to merge offline changes on \\\\ server_name \\ share_name.

How to refresh the application in NSP?

Click on Refresh Button. Forgot Application Id? Recover Password? Update Mobile Number? In case of completion of course, you can not apply for renewal. Students eligible for renewal are advised not to apply in fresh category as duplicate applications will be rejected by NSP.

Can I edit or delete the CSC folder?

The CSC folder, and any files and subfolders it contains, should not be modified directly; doing so can result in data loss and a complete breakdown of Offline Files functionality. If you suspect corruption in the database, then the files should be deleted using the Offline Files viewer.

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