Does Fania records still exist?

Does Fania records still exist?

As of July 27, 2018, Fania is owned by Concord, which acquired the label from Codigo Entertainment. Fania’s catalogue included 19,000 master recordings and 8,000 compositions.

Who owns Hector Lavoe?

Concord Music
This week, the catalog of Fania Records, the New York salsa label that defined the genre in the 1960s and ’70s with stars like Celia Cruz, Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe and Johnny Pacheco, was purchased by Concord Music, an independent label and publisher that has become a mini-conglomerate by pursuing rock, jazz.

What did the Fania All-Stars do for Latin music in the 1960s and 1970s?

Due to their electrifying onstage performances, the All-Stars became a massive concert draw in the 70s and moved salsa from the underground into the mainstream of American culture via a 1972 documentary movie, Our Latin Thing (Nuesta Cosa), which spawned a hit soundtrack album.

What happened to the Fania?

The cause was complications from pneumonia. A representative for Fania said Pacheco was “the man most responsible for the genre of salsa music. The label became known as the Motown of salsa, playing home to Latin musician giants including Willie Colón, Celia Cruz, Héctor Lavoe and Bobby Valentín.

What was the famous salsa music record label?

The two hit it off so well they started a new record label they called Fania, which became home to salsa’s greatest talents.

When did Fania All Stars start?

Fania All-Stars/Active from

Members. The Fania All-Stars was an illustrious and widely distinguished musical ensemble established in 1968 by composer Johnny Pacheco as a showcase for the leading musicians and singers of the record label Fania Records, the leading salsa record company of the time.

Who is the founder of Fania Records?

Fania Records is a New York based record label founded by Dominican-born composer and bandleader Johnny Pacheco and Italian-American lawyer Jerry Masucci in 1964. The label took its name from an old Cuban song by the singer Reinaldo Bolaño. Fania is known for its promotion of what has become known as Salsa music.

How did Fania get its name?

The label took its name from a popular luncheonette frequented by musicians in Havana, Cuba that Masucci frequented when he worked for a public relations firm there during the pre-Castro era. Fania is known for its promotion of Salsa music.

Who was the first vocalist of Fania?

Leon Gast, the Academy Award winning director of When We Were Kings filmed the Fania All-Stars for the documentary “Our Latin Thing” released in 1972. The first vocalist that recorded as a soloist was Cuban sonero Monguito. As of 2007 all that is left is “Larry Harlow and the Latin Legends of Fania”.

Why did Johnny Pacheco start Fania?

Frustrated by the meager amount of money he was receiving for his recordings,Johnny Pacheco started Fania in 1964 and sold records to music stores out of the trunk of his car.

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