Does Hazar find out Miran is his son?

Does Hazar find out Miran is his son?

After his research, Hazar, who is now sure that Miran is his own son and swears to end this revenge, goes to face Azize, but after an incident witnessed in the Aslanbey mansion, he remembered the long repressed trauma of the night when everyone thought he killed Mehmet Aslanbey.

Is Mirans mother alive?

To show how remorseful she is for her sins, Azize reveals that Miran’s mother, Dilşah, is alive. Having been locked away from reality for so long, Dilşah is struggling mentally to adapt to her new life. Miran, however, is overjoyed at being reunited with his mother.

Are Miran and reyyan siblings?

Her real maiden name would be Reyyan Erdoğan if she hadn’t been adopted by Hazar Şadoğlu. Ironically she became the bride of her adoptive family marrying Miran Şadoğlu and the mother of the first-born great-grandson of the family Umut Şadoğlu.

Who kills Hazar?

Füsun and Azize met at the place where Hazar died to end their dispute with the death of one of the two, both drew their weapons but to her surprise her men pointed her at her since they had betrayed her by allying with Azize, in that moment comes Miran because Füsun set him a trap to go because she wanted to kill him …

Do reyyan and Miran get divorced?

When Miran meets Reyyan Şadoğlu, Gonul realizes that Miran fell in love with her and does everything she can to separate them, even stabbing herself to blame Reyyan. Miran decides to divorce her to marry Reyyan.

Does reyyan get pregnant Hercai?

Reyyan became pregnant with twins, she and her brother Umut Şadoğlu, but Füsun Aslanbey poisoned Reyyan which caused her to die but thanks to her great-grandmother Azize Aslanbey her brother managed to survive.

Who is Mirans father?

Miran is the son of Dilşah Aslanbey and Hazar Şadoğlu.

Are Gonul and Miran married?

She fell in love and married the two grandson of the Şadoğlu Family, Miran and Azat Şadoğlu. She and her cousin married Azat Şadoğlu.

Who is Mirans mother?

Dilşah Aslanbey
Miran is the son of Dilşah Aslanbey and Hazar Şadoğlu.

Who is reyyan biological father?

father Hazar
Reyyan is the granddaughter of Sadoglu Family, one the strongest families in Midyat. Although her father Hazar and her uncle Cihan are important figures in the grand family, the real leader is her grandfather, Nasuh.

Who does first marry in Hercai?

At first she fell in love with Yaren Bakircioğlu at first sight, but she only used him since she wanted to separate Miran and Reyyan, Firat over time is disappointed in her and decides to get away from her when he sees that she is going to marry with Harun Bakircioğlu, who without knowing it was his cousin.

Does Reyyan get pregnant Hercai?

Who is Serhat tutumlor’s wife?

Tutumlor married the able retired theater actress Sinan Kara in 2007, and she had one son. Serhat Tutumluer’s artistic beginning was in 1995, he began acting on stage, and participated in many important Turkish plays, the most famous of which is Hamlet, and the play “Deception for Love”.

What is the story of SAHRA and Yunus?

The love between the Armenian girl, Maria, and the Turkish, Yunus, in the Turkey of the 1970s, turns into a story of longing on the Yerevan-Los Angeles line. 41. Sahra (2004– ) Error: please try again. Fahri was one of the richest and respected man in the country.

Who is Nehir Erdogan daughter of the famous baklava seller?

Nazli ( Nehir Erdogan ), daughter of the famous baklava seller ( Erdal Özyagcilar ) in Gaziantep, finished her education in Ankara and returned to her home town. The family who is looking See full summary » 39. Ezo Gelin (2006– ) Error: please try again. The story of the brave and beautiful Ezo who defied customs. 40. Ayrilik (2007– )

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