Does Kirito actually turn into a monster?

Does Kirito actually turn into a monster?

Kirito as a Gleam Eyes-like creature. With this spell, players would usually turn into weak monsters; however, due to Kirito’s high stats transferred from Sword Art Online, he turns into a The Gleam Eyes-like monster instead.

What episode does Kirito turn into a monster?


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 19 Kirito used this spell to turn into a Gleam Eyes-like monster and slaughter a party of twelve Salamanders, though he left one alive at Leafa’s request, near the gates to Legrue City.

Why do Kiritos eyes turn gold?

However, in episode 22 of season 1, when his HP is going down after being impaled by a Guardian’s sword, as he is struggling to reach the door inside the World Tree, before he dies, his eye colour has changed.

What did Kirito get for beating Gleam Eyes?

In the novel, after Kirito regains consciousness from defeating The Gleam Eyes, Asuna gives him a high-quality healing potion.

What is kirito God Mode?

Hirito (OMEGA) is a 6-star ground and AoE (Circle) type unit based on Kirito (God Mode) from the anime Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Part 2 while he defeated Subtilizer (Gabriel Miller).

What level was kirito when he fought gleam eyes?

Kirito fought Gleam Eyes on the 74th level of SAO’s open world. This suggests that Kirito and Gleam Eyes should be a lot stronger. Probably punch through Maple’s defenses like paper. Kirito transformed into Gleam Eyes had the same stats as Kirito, not the same stats as Gleam Eyes.

Does Asuna escape ALfheim?

Kirito managed to gain control of the ALfheim system and began to fight Sugou, making him suffer for all the pain he caused Asuna. Kirito soon managed to defeat him and finally freed Asuna from her imprisonment in the game and promise to meet each other in real life soon.

What episode does Kirito see Asuna in ALfheim?

Sword Art Online Episode 24.

What is yellow eyes Kirito?

His eyes turning yellow is just a side effect of the mod. We know this because when he uses the skill at the end of SAOP 006 Asuna says to him “…I felt like your eyes were shining gold.” Hope this helped.

What animal is gleam eyes?

Its skin was deep blue and its eyes glinted with the same blue-white hue, matching the tint of the flames in its boss room. Its head, resting atop its thick chest, was that of a goat’s rather than a human’s and had an elongated snout and thick, twisted horns stretching backward from the sides of the head.

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