Does NYU offer any internships for students?

Does NYU offer any internships for students?

The NYU College of Arts and Science provides students with an opportunity to gain credit for internships that are “actively monitored,” provide substantive projects, and range from 8 and 15 hours per week.

What is the health career opportunity program at NYU Langone?

Interns in the Health Career Opportunity Program at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation work alongside world-renowned specialists in their fields. The number of health fields students can participate in changes every year. This year’s specialties are as follows.

Do internships count toward a student’s major?

Students pursuing internships outside of the major field of study can receive credit through an academic nondepartmental seminar. Departments offering credit-bearing internships may restrict them to declared majors, since those students have the requisite background. Internship courses can be counted toward some majors but not toward others.

What is the New York University educational experience?

One defining characteristic of the New York University educational experience is the opportunity students have to apply their classroom learning to real-life experiences in a variety of professional and community-service settings.

What is the NYU Collegiate Seminar program?

The NYU Collegiate Seminar Program offers high school juniors the opportunity to experience college-level classes at a top-tier research university. Selected students will participate in 90-minute online seminars taught by leading NYU faculty in a variety of academic subjects.

What is the NYU virtual summer art program?

The NYU Virtual Summer Art Program is an online program for High School Students who are interested in exploring the variety and depth that the field of fine arts has to offer. This program is designed to enhance your technical and creative skills and to expand your knowledge of visual art, history and culture.

What is future artists at NYU Tisch?

The Future Artists Programs at NYU Tisch School of the Arts are free arts workshops taught by undergraduate faculty to high school students on Saturdays in the spring semester. Our mission is to provide free arts education to qualifying students in the greater New York City Metropolitan area.

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