Does promove cost?

Does promove cost?

The best part about Promove is that our service comes at absolutely no cost to you! Our business is based off of the advertising budgets from local apartments, who pay us to showcase their properties — it’s as simple as that.

Is promove free?

Promove is a FREE apartment locating services tha gives you the most comprehensive apartment information – more listings (a lot more), great photos, floorplans, features, pet policies, accurate pricing & move-in specials – in a format to make comparisons quick and easy.

What is liberty rent guarantee?

About Liberty Rent Guarantee: Liberty Rent Guarantee helps property owners fill units without risk of default, while simultaneously helping consumers find a good home and re-build their credit.

Why would Liberty rent deny you?

We accept base housing as rental history. Renters may not have had previous evictions, will be automatic grounds for denial. Addition, factors including negative payment history, past or current bad debts, liens, bankruptcies or judgments can disqualify an applicant.

Does liberty Rent everyone approval?

Liberty charges one month’s rent in order to co-sign a lease. “The results of the test is revealed to the tenant in a score 0-100 percent chance that we will approve and co-sign their lease. We forward an application to every applicant with better than an 80% chance,” he said.

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