Does Samsung have a 10 year warranty?

Does Samsung have a 10 year warranty?

Does a Samsung Washer Have a 10-year Warranty? Samsung does offer a ten-year warranty, but not for the entire washing machine. Check out the warranty periods for your Samsung washer: Washing machine & dryer, semi-auto, spin motor & wash—one year.

Are Samsung phones covered under warranty?

What Does Samsung Phone Warranty Cover? All Samsung mobile devices come with a manufacturer warranty, which lasts for 12 months. If the warranty covers your cell phone issue, Samsung will repair or replace your device at no charge.

How many months is Samsung mobile warranty?

– 36 months warranty.

How much is Samsung CARE+ PLUS?

The Samsung Care+ costs $3.99, $8.99, or $11.99 per month depending on your device and is automatically billed on a monthly fee basis to the credit card you provide at the time of enrollment.

What is Samsung warranty policy?

A Samsung extended warranty covers the repair and replacement of your Samsung appliances for one to five years (depending on the model). The warranty covers damage due to normal wear and tear. You can also purchase accidental coverage which covers normal wear and tear, as well as drops, liquid spills and cracks.

Does Samsung warranty cover broken screen?

Cracked screens on Samsung devices are not covered under the Samsung Limited Warranty, but we can still assist you! Samsung replaces screens with genuine parts and warrants the repairs for the remainder of the original one year limited warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer, at a charge.

Can I extend my Samsung warranty?

Samsung Malaysia is now letting you extend your regular warranty by 1 year and all you need to do is purchase the Smart Warranty. This is also a warranty extension, which means that you are only eligible to purchase this Smart Warranty while your device’s existing standard warranty is active.

How long does Samsung warranty last?

12 months
The Warranty Period All Samsung cell phone devices are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that is valid for a period of 12 months.

How can I check my Samsung phone warranty?

When you purchase a Samsung product, you get a warranty that will protect it for a certain period….How To Check Your Samsung Warranty Status

  1. Access the Apps screen by swiping up or down.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Click on About Phone.
  4. Click on Status.
  5. Select IMEI Information to see your number.

Is Samsung extended warranty plan available on Samsung products?

Yes, now you can continue enjoying your Samsung product without worries even after the standard warranty expires. Now experience total peace of mind and enjoy Samsung Extended Warranty Plan on Samsung Tablets, Refrigerators, ACs, Washing Machines, TVs and Microwaves.

What is the warranty period for Samsung products in Singapore?

Ltd or Samsung Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd authorised Singapore dealers, distributors or resellers. This warranty is only valid upon registration of the Product by the original end-user purchaser within 7 days from the date of purchase either by: (a) sending the “Manufacturer” portion of the warranty card to Samsung Electronics Singapore Pte.

What is the extended warranty program?

With the Extended Warranty Program*, experience complete peace of mind even after the standard warranty expires. We are delighted to bring you Samsung Care, an exclusive service plan that extends the warranty of your Samsung mobile phone.

Where can I find Samsung’s warranty terms and conditions?

For a full list of the updated warranty terms and conditions, please visit It is your responsibility to remove any accessories, external parts or other attachments to the Product (“Accessories”) prior to handing in the Product for servicing.

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