Does Somfy use Z-Wave?

Does Somfy use Z-Wave?

Somfy powered motorized products are integrated into TaHomA® using Somfy’s interface devices (the Z-Wave® to RTS Interface [ZRTSI] or Z-Wave® to Digital Motor Interface [ZDMI] respectively).

Does Somfy work with Control 4?

Compatible with Control4 processors running OS 2.6 and higher. Somfy Connect UAI Plus motor position feedback available on systems running OS 2.9 or higher. Integration requires both the Control4 UAI Plus driver and blinds driver.

Can Lutron control Somfy?

No worries! Your smart lighting and motorized window coverings can work in harmony. Somfy offers various interfaces which allow our motors to communication with Lutron lighting systems. You can learn more about Somfy’s integration options here.

What frequency does Somfy use?

433.42 MHz
This module provides a simple interface to control Somfy blinds via an RF transmitter (433.42 MHz). It is based on Nickduino Somfy Remote Arduino skecth. It also allows listening to commands transmitted by the Somfy remote control. The hardware used is the standard 433 MHz RF transmitter.

Is Somfy compatible with ZigBee?

As a member of the ZigBee Alliance, Somfy is pleased to offer several interface devices for integration of Somfy-powered motorized products into third party home automation systems that use ZigBee® technology.

Does Somfy work with Apple HomeKit?

At presents, only the Somfy Indoor Camera is compatible with HomeKit. You must also have the QR code to connect the equipment to HomeKit. This can be found on the product, its instructions, and in the Somfy Protect app.

Are Somfy motors compatible with Lutron?

What is the Somfy Z-Wave interface?

The Somfy Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy Interface (ZRTSI) translates Z-wave commands from third party systems into motor control commands for Somfy’s range of Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motors. The ZRTSI resides as a bridge controller node within a Z-Wave Network and becomes a repeating node in the mesh network.

How does the Somfy® zrtsi work?

Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface Overview During normal operation after programming, the ZRTSI’s Home Screen will display up to 2 system indicators on the LCD screen. “S” will blink to indicate RTS signal transmission. Only visible while RTS commands are being sent “Z” indicates the ZRTSI base node is included in a Z-Wave Network.

What can I do with my Somfy RTS products?

Connect your home automation or other third-party systems with your Somfy RTS products. Tubular motor typically used for outside mount applications. Simplifed control of your motorized products. A radio RTS receiver allowing the control of motorized products through radio, wall or remote controls.

How do I Turn on the backlight on my Somfy device?

Pressing any button will turn on the backlight. SZ The Somfy Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI) is a Z-Wave bridge controller that receives Z-Wave transmissions and translates them to motor control commands for Somfy’s range of Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motors.

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