Does South Shore Bank use Zelle?

Does South Shore Bank use Zelle?

Zelle is a convenient way to send money using your personal mobile banking app or personal online banking account. Download the South Shore Bank’s personal mobile banking app to start using Zelle today!

Is South Shore Bank a mutual bank?

At South Shore Bank we pride ourselves on serving our clients as well as the greater community. As a mutual bank, our commitment is rooted in the needs of our clients rather than the demands of investors.

Is North Shore Bank FDIC insured?

Your North Shore Bank 457(b) Plan can be funded by both FDIC Insured North Shore Bank certificates of deposit and/or non-Bank investments provided through TransAmerica Funds. Investments held in North Shore Bank CDs are FDIC insured (options A & B listed above).

Who bought ShoreBank?

ShoreBank was a community development bank founded and headquartered in Chicago. At the time of its closing it was the oldest and largest such institution, and in 2008 had $2.6 billion in assets….ShoreBank.

Type Community development bank
Defunct 2010
Fate Insolvency
Successor Urban Partnership Bank
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois

Is Shore United Bank a local bank?

Shore United Bank is a full-service community bank with a rich history dating back to 1876. In excess of one billion in assets, we offer innovative financial services delivered with the personal touch you expect from a community bank.

Why choose South Shore Bank for online banking?

Online and Mobile banking from South Shore Bank makes your banking experience more convenient than ever before! You can pay your bills, access your accounts, and even get eStatements all from your mobile device or online, so you have full control over your money anywhere, at anytime.

Is the Investment Center at South Shore Bank affiliated with infinex?

The Investment Center at South Shore Bank is a trade name of the Bank. Infinex and the bank are not affiliated. Products and services made available through Infinex are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the United States and are not deposits or obligations of nor guaranteed or insured by any bank or bank affiliate.

Where is South Shore Bank located in Massachusetts?

South Weymouth, MA 02190. South Shore Bank is headquartered in South Weymouth and is the 31st largest bank in the state of Massachusetts. It is also the 570th largest bank in the nation.

Why join the South Shore Business Association?

We feel a personal responsibility to help the businesses and people of South Shore thrive through the giving of our time, our talents, and our service. We believe true success is shared and we are honored to have been a part of that success for more than 180 years.

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