Does Sting have a WWE contract?

Does Sting have a WWE contract?

Reports at the time confirmed that Sting’s “Legends” contract with the WWE had expired several months prior. Typically, WWE is allowed to sell merchandise of Legends up to six months after their contract expires. This move confirmed that Sting was no longer affiliated with the WWE in an official capacity.

When did Sting WWE contract end?

In late 2020, Sting signed with AEW, coming out of retirement and had his first match in over five years at the promotion’s Revolution pay-per-view on March 7, 2021, a tag team cinematic Street Fight that he and Darby Allin won….Sting (wrestler)

Trained by Red Bastien Rick Bassman
Debut November 25, 1985

Why did WWE let Sting leave?

Sting left WWE last year after his contract with the company expired. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Sting said that returning to the ring wasn’t a “goal” of his, but he was interested in facing The Undertaker in a cinematic match. He stated that he left WWE as he thought it wasn’t “working out” for him.

Did AEW retire the TNT title?

During the Jon Huber Memorial Show, which was the December 30, 2020 episode of Dynamite, AEW announced that they had retired the red strap version of the title belt that had been used up to that point to honor Huber, whose ring name was Mr. Brodie Lee, the second TNT Champion, who unexpectedly died on December 26; …

How old is Sting on AEW?

AEW has provided new life for Sting, and a chance to rewrite his final chapter. More twists and turns still remain for the 62-year-old before he hangs up his boots, including the Double or Nothing tag match with Darby Allin. “Even though I was retired, I didn’t want to disappear,” said Sting.

Will Undertaker join AEW?

The Undertaker retired from WWE at Survivor Series 2020 after a prolific three-decade-long career with the company. Meanwhile, AEW has been snapping up former WWE Superstars like Jon Moxley, Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho and Christian Cage.

What year did Sting leave TNA?

Sting then joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA/later renamed Impact Wrestling in 2017) in 2003. He returned to wrestle full-time in TNA in 2006 and left in 2014.

Did Brodie Lee win the AEW world title?

He departed WWE in December 2019 and subsequently made his AEW debut in March 2020 as Mr. Brodie Lee, revealing himself to be “The Exalted One” (the previously anonymous leader of The Dark Order) and winning the AEW TNT Championship in August of that year.

Who is the current TNT champion?

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes, then known simply as Cody, was the inaugural champion, and he is also the current champion in his record third reign….

AEW TNT Championship
Date established March 30, 2020
Current champion(s) Cody Rhodes Sammy Guevara (interim)

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