Does the Army still use Blue Force Tracker?

Does the Army still use Blue Force Tracker?

In use since 2002, BFT provides friendly force tracking information and is integrated on more than 98,000 platforms across the Army and joint services. …

What is a Army Blue Force Tracker?

The Army’s friendly force tracking system known as Blue Force Tracking (BFT), provides tracking, and Situational Awareness/Command and Control (SA/C2) on more than 120,000 ground/air vehicle platforms across the Army and Joint services.

Who makes the Blue Force Tracker?

Blue Sky Network offers handheld, portable, and fixed military grade tracking devices or blue force tracker and SATCOM solutions. Designed and made in the United States, our products meet a variety of rigorous industry standards.

What replaced the FBCB2?

Joint Capabilities Release
The Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) is the Army’s next generation of mission command and situational awareness software.

What is the new Blue Force Tracker?

Blue Force Tracker is a system that gives commanders and troops in the field a real-time picture of the battlefield not possible with conventional maps. This improves situational awareness and reduces the possibility of friendly fire.

What is Blue Force Tracking in the military?

Blue Force Tracking (BFT) describes a GPS-enabled system that provides military commanders and forces with location information of both friendly (blue) and hostile (red) forces. Such systems typically include a computer, satellite terminal, satellite antenna, GPS receiver, command and control software, and mapping software.

What does Blue forc tracker stand for?

In NATO military symbology, blue typically denotes friendly forces. The capability provides a common picture of the location of friendly forces and therefore is referred to as the blue force tracker.

Who is the prime contractor for military tracking systems?

In 2008, work began on plans to reach the level of nearly 160,000 tracking systems in the US Army within a few years; the system prime contractor is the Northrop Grumman corporation of Los Angeles, California.

What is the use of BFT in the military?

BFT can also be used to send and receive text and imagery messages, and has a mechanism for reporting the locations of enemy forces and other battlefield conditions (for example, the location of minefields, battlefield obstacles, bridges that are damaged, etc.). Additional capability in some BFT devices is found in route planning tools.

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