Does the bladefist work for hunters?

Does the bladefist work for hunters?

At 2.6 speed, this will make for a strong, ‘slow’ main hand weapon, as it can only be equipped in the main-hand anyways. This weapon could theoretically be used by a hunter trying to get a cheeky proc, however since this weapon has no base stats, you will be banking on the proc alone for damage.

What is Shh TBC?

Inb4 “Self Explanatory” Ramps | Ramparts. BF | Blood Furnace. SHH | Shattered Halls. SP | Slave Pens.

How long does the Shattered Halls take?

Only took about 15 minutes to get the key to Shattered Halls after picking up the required items from the Auction House.

How do I get Heroic Shattered Halls?

Shattered Halls Heroic Key To enter any of the Hellfire Citadel dungeons in Heroic mode, you will need to acquire the Flamewrought Key / Flamewrought Key. These can be purchased from the appropriate quartermaster by earning Revered faction with Honor Hold or Thrallmar. Everyone in the party needs this key.

Can hunters use sharpening stone?

Description: Hunters can apply sharpening stones to their melee weapons in order to increase the damage they do with shots. Coarse Sharpening Stones are created by Blacksmiths and will sharpen a sword, axe, dagger, or polearm to perform more damage.

Why do hunters use fist weapons TBC?

The primary use of fist weapons (unless you get a high-level epic one) is to keep your unarmed skill in league with your skill in other weapons, so that if you are disarmed you are not totally helpless.

What level are heroic bosses in TBC?

The level for Heroics has risen to level 85. Along with new dungeons in the expansion, a couple old lower level dungeons have been re-done or have had a Heroic mode added (Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep).

Is Shattered Halls heroic hard?

Shattered Halls Heroic Key Everyone in the party needs this key. As with all Heroic dungeons, you’ll find that the difficulty has been increased when compared to Normal. This could mean added boss spells, or boss abilities that just plain hit harder.

Who is Kargath Bladefist?

Kargath Bladefist (aka Korgath Bladefist) was the Warchief of the Fel Horde and Chieftain of the Shattered Hand Clan. He earned the sobriquet “Bladefist” after he cut off his own hand, replacing it with a deadly scythe. Thereafter, he quickly rose to the station of Chieftain of the Shattered Hand.

How did Bladefist get his name?

Kargath Bladefist was the Warchief of the Fel Horde and Chieftain and founder of the Shattered Hand clan. He earned the sobriquet “Bladefist” after he cut off his left hand to escape ogre captivity, replacing it with a deadly scythe called the [The Bladefist], and becoming the Chieftain of the Shattered Hand.

What weapons did King Kargath use?

Kargath’s army consisted of his Shattered Hand, the Burning Blade, and the Dragonmaw. They stormed the forests near Skyreach but were not prepared for the arakkoa’s weaponry. The searing beam of fire that lanced across the forests incinerated dozens of orcs where they stood.

How does Kargath’s Cage attack work?

During this attack, Kargath will randomly charge a group member inside the ‘cage,’ dealing a single shot of melee damage (mitigated by armor) to that target *and everyone near that target.* The attack normally deals 1000-1500 damage to a cloth-wearer, and the overall damage increases as the fight goes on.

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