Does the Navy have a band program?

Does the Navy have a band program?

The Navy Music Program currently has fleet band openings for guitar, piano/keyboard, vocalists and trumpet; click here to learn more! The U.S. Navy is committed to building a force that accurately reflects the rich and diverse makeup of the nation that we serve.

What instruments are in the Navy Band?

The Navy Band currently has openings for clarinet, trumpet and tuba in the Concert/Ceremonial band and for the lead singer/entertainer of Country Current. Be prepared for recent changes in audition procedures and tattoo policies. Concert/Ceremonial vacancies will no longer have to submit a recording for consideration.

What was Francisco’s most memorable gig as a Navy musician?

Prior to joining the Commodores, Francisco served in several of the Navy bands stationed throughout the world and has traveled to every country in West Africa, all of Europe, South Korea, and Turkey. We asked him about his most memorable gigs as a Navy musician: “Coolest gig I played was the very first gig on my first deployment.

Where is the US Navy’s Second Fleet?

Presently, the Second Fleet is based in Norfolk, VA. The force consists of a balanced mix of capabilities including aircraft carriers, surface combatants, submarines, surveillance assets, amphibious forces, marine landing and mobile logistic units. Area of Operations: Atlantic Ocean. Headquarters: Norfolk, Virginia. Organisation:

Where is the US 5th Fleet now?

After a 48-year hibernation, the US 5th Fleet was reactivated and it now cruises the Gulf. Commander, United States Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) exercises command and control over all naval operations throughout the AOR from a headquarters located in Manama, Bahrain.

What is the largest fleet in the US Navy?

Seventh Fleet, established 19 February 1943 from Southwest Pacific Force, is the largest of the forward-deployed U.S. fleets, with 50-60 ships, 350 aircraft and 60,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

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