Does Volkswagen have a convertible?

Does Volkswagen have a convertible?

With more standard horsepower and fuel economy, the turbocharged 2018 Volkswagen Beetle coupe and convertible are sexy, fun and affordable.

What convertibles does Volkswagen make?

Used Volkswagen Convertibles

  • Volkswagen Beetle. 2013 – 2019.
  • Volkswagen Cabrio. 1995 – 2002.
  • Volkswagen Cabrio (New) 1999.
  • Volkswagen Cabriolet. 1992 – 1993.
  • Volkswagen Eos. 2007 – 2016.
  • Volkswagen New Beetle. 2003 – 2010.

Does VW make a 2021 convertible?

First Drive: 2021 VW T-Roc Cabriolet Is Another Try at the Convertible SUV. Designed for the European market, VW’s compact convertible SUV works better than its unusual body style suggests. The company is launching a two-door convertible version of its T-Roc subcompact crossover.

Is Volkswagen coming out with a new convertible?

VW sources told Autoweek the likelihood of an ID. 3 convertible coming to the US is “not very high,” but the MEB architecture is flexible enough to make a different cabriolet possible in the US. 3 cabriolet, our guess is it would arrive sometime in 2023.

Does VW make a hardtop convertible?

The 2016 Volkswagen Eos is a four-passenger convertible with a retractable hardtop roof. The sole trim level is called Komfort.

How much is a 2021 Volkswagen Jetta convertible?

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta starts at $18,995, which is slightly below average for a base level compact car. However, that’s for a model with a manual transmission; the lowest-priced automatic Jetta is $19,795. Higher trim levels increase in price by a few thousand dollars up to the SEL Premium’s $28,045.

Why was EOS discontinued?

Still, it’s hard to see the now discontinued 2016 VW Eos Komfort go. Some say the reason it never sold well is because of pricing, others because it wasn’t marketed well, but either way it had something to offer than to other model on the market has.

Does Hyundai have a convertible car?

Interestingly, Hyundai doesn’t offer a single convertible (nor does fellow Korean automaker Kia) while the Camaro’s droptop is on the way and the Mustang convertible has been selling for decades. To make a strong business case for a Genesis convertible, the car would have to do more than just look good.

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