Does Wonder Woman have a child with Steve Trevor?

Does Wonder Woman have a child with Steve Trevor?

As Diana Prince, she worked in the U.S. War Department as an assistant to intelligence officer Steve Trevor. Decades later she and Trevor married and had a daughter, Lyta (also known as Fury).

Does Diana Prince marry Steve Trevor?

When the DC Universe adopted the convention that the Golden Age adventures took place on the parallel world of Earth-Two, it was learned that Wonder Woman eventually gave up her secret identity, married Steve Trevor, and became the mother of Hippolyta “Lyta” Trevor, who became the superheroine Fury.

What happened to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor?

This story contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984. In Wonder Woman, Steve meets his untimely end in a last ditch attempt to save the city of London from a terrorist attack; he hijacked a bomber aircraft and and blew it up mid-flight, killing himself in the process.

Did Steve and Wonder Woman have a baby?

Yes, she did and then didn’t. The Fury, or Hippolyta “Lyta” Hall (or Trevor-Hall), née Trevor, was a daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. She was about to marry her childhood sweetheart and the father of her unborn child, Hector Hall, when he was murdered.

Do Diana and Steve end up together?

In the final issue of the original Wonder Woman series, Steve and Diana get married.

Who is Wonder Woman’s main love interest?

Just like every superhero has their main love interest, Wonder Woman has Steve Trevor. Steve has been the love of Wonder Woman’s life even though he comes in and out of her story time and time again, dying, being reborn or brought back to life in some magical way, and so on.

Did Steven Trevor die in Wonder Woman?

Steve Didn’t Die in The Explosion. The simplest path to keeping Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman series may be the best one, since the audience doesn’t actually see Steve die before their very eyes.

Who is Steve in Wonder Woman?

Steve Trevor first appeared in the Wonder Woman 1974 telefilm , played by Lithuanian actor Kaz Garas, who went on to guest star in an episode of the Lynda Carter TV series. In the 1975 – 1979 Wonder Woman television series, there were two Steve Trevors (father and son), both played by Lyle Waggoner .

Is Wonder Woman still alive?

1 Answer. No, Wonder Woman is not alive. About 7 years ago she was flying into a volcano to save somebody, and then tragically, something shap and heavy fell upon her head.

Is Wonder Woman on Amazon?

WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON is Jill Thompson’s original graphic novel reimagining of the early years of the Amazon Princess Diana, who would grow up to become Wonder Woman.

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