Does Xbox Live still work for original Xbox?

Does Xbox Live still work for original Xbox?

Though official Xbox Live service has been discontinued for the original Xbox, tunneling software such as Xlink Kai exists, allowing original Xbox users to play system link games such as Halo 2 with other people from around the world, much like Xbox Live.

How do I access my old Xbox Live account?

Lost password and can’t sign in?

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. You’ll be asked to receive and enter a security code. After you enter the code, your account will be reopened, and your Xbox profile, along with all associated games, music, and video, will be available the next time you sign in to your console.

Why did Microsoft shut down original Xbox Live?

Microsoft will shut down the servers for original Xbox games on April 15. In February, Microsoft said it would stop support for older online games in order to “evolve” the current Xbox Live service.

How do I get my old Xbox Live account back without email?

the only way now is to use the recover feature at, there they will ask a number of question, if you still remember the information when you create your account. You can find the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox LIVE account on your Xbox console.

What do I do if I can’t recover my Microsoft account?

If you cannot recover your account, please go to submit a separate support request to Microsoft account recovery support to get a new password. Please do let us know if you need further assistance, we’ll be glad to assist you.

How old is the original Xbox?

The original Xbox was released on November 15, 2001 in North America, February 22, 2002 in Japan, and March 14, 2002 in Australia and Europe. It was Microsoft’s first foray into the gaming console market.

How do I recover my Microsoft email account?

The recovery form is available at Collect as much information as you can about any Microsoft services you may have used with this account. The more information you can include when filling out the form, the better the chance you’ll have of regaining access to your account.

What’s the original Xbox called?

The Xbox (now more commonly known as the Original Xbox) was Microsoft’s first video game console. It was released on November 15th, 2001 in North America; February 22nd, 2002 in Japan; and in March 14th, 2002 in Europe and Australia.

How do you sign into a Xbox Live account?

Sign into your Xbox LIVE account. Click Sign in in the top-right corner, then enter your email address and password. This will reload the page with your account logged in, though you may have to click Sign in again and select your account at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

How old do you have to be to make a Xbox Live account?

Why you’re being asked for parental consent. If the date of birth on your Microsoft account shows that you’re under 18 years old, Xbox is required to request parental consent for you to use Xbox Live.

How to sign into my Xbox Live account?

Enter your Xbox LIVE password. Using the directional pad or thumbsticks, you can select letters and numbers on the on-screen keyboard. Press the ☰ key on your controller to continue. Choose a sign-in and security preference. If you have a Kinect, you can use visual recognition to sign in and confirm any payments or settings changes.

How do I create a free Xbox Live account?

Go back to the “My Xbox” selection in the dashboard after creating a profile. Choose “Join Xbox Live” from the options. Choose to create a trial Gold Account when prompted. Enter the subscription code from the back of the Xbox Live Gold free trial card into the prompt. Confirm to create the Xbox Live Gold account.

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