Doodlebug, a short film by Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, you surely know ? But if the director of Following and Insomnia… not Always ? And if I told you Memento and The prestige ? It tells you some thing ? And The Dark Knight and Inception ? It is up to you ? Thing somewhat surprising, the director has started his career like most of us, the realization of short films, three to be more precise. We have managed to get their hands on one of them.

After I’m Here, a short Spike Zonze and The Big Shave, the first short film of Martin Scorsese, we present to you, therefore, Doodlebug, a short film directed by Christopher Nolan. A short film, very short, 2:56 only, and not much more complicated than that of Martin Scorsese: A place, an actor and no dialogue ! Was wondering if it is not there that one finds the film-makers of genius. People who can make a film unique and powerful with a restriction means maximum.

Doodlebug shows a scene very controlled, which alternates between movements of the camera, the actor and plan changes to create tension and an atmosphere very special. The indices on the fall final appear gradually as in several films, Christopher Nolan made eventually. Finally, despite the lack of dialogue, the themes dear to the filmmaker : madness and manipulation are already emerging of this short film, frankly, succeeded.

Short film Doodlebug by Christopher Nolan

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