EuropaCorp, Dassault Systems hand in hand

A partnership which would be beneficial for both parties, but especially strategic…

We know EuropaCorp, studio producer and distributor created by Luc Besson and Dassault systèmes, developer of 3D solutions. The two companies have signed a strategic agreement to strengthen innovation in the fields of cinema and marketing.

Thus, the film Arthur And The Revenge Of Maltazard, planned for December 2, 2009, will be the object of new and original tools to ensure the best for its worldwide release.

“Artistically, EuropaCorp made the choice of diversity and modernity for its productions in order to speak to the greatest number. The film advance with the technology and EuropaCorp want to share these innovations with the public. We are very pleased to be able to work with the teams from Dassault systèmes in order to imagine and design new experiences, constantly pushing the boundaries of entertainment throughout the life of our films,” we know from Luc Besson.

“We have found in EuropaCorp, a partner, full of energy, creative, unifying talent and knowing how to tell stories that are universal. We invent whole new forms of experience and narrative and emotional thanks to our 3D technologies”, said Bernard Charlès, ceo of Dassault systèmes.

History of large sub-or not, as long as innovation and originality are present, it is the essential. Case to follow.

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