THE KISS OF the KILLER, this modest film that plays with the codes of film noir and surrealism a sign of the beginnings of Stanley Kubrick, to see for aficionados, and others !

Of Stanely Kubrick, is well known of course 2001 a space Odyssey, the Shining or a clockwork Orange, but before you sign up to these classics of the cinema, admired of all, there has been the minor works, made of passion and débrouillardises. THE KISS OF the KILLER is one of them, a medium-length film, sliding under the seams of the film noir, that is beyond painfully the hour of film. The story, simple and direct, focuses on a boxer without charism, the witness of the possible loss of the woman he desires. Therefore, the nightmare invades little by little the frame.

Then, occurs the trip, in one direction, dreamlike, suspended in the top of the time, like being sucked into an urban tunnel, when these two buildings filmed in negative, call already the legendary dolly technicolor of 2001 a space Odyssey. From this moment on, this little boxer with no future through the mirror of the terror and finds himself in a strange world, surreal and hostile. And when the pursuit infernal ends in a curious shed models, Stanely Kubrick invites Luis Buñuel on a ring that is crossed by the burlesque and the symbolism. As the hand of the dummy inanimate, threatening, enthroned in the space, such as a sword of Damocles.

“Before the film classics, admired of all, there has been the minor works, made of passion and débrouillardises.”

THE KISS OF the KILLER, without determinism, artistic, embodies a number of reasons Kubrikiens. The madness pushed to the extreme of its main character, led him to run behind the delirium, regardless of the outcome, in the first place. No, this Kubrick is not the fairly unknown masterpiece of its author. It would be designed more for the fans who happened to be at the side of the embryo, to prolong, if only for a small time, yet, the pleasure cinephile.


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Original title : Killer”s kiss

Achievement & screenplay : Stanley Kubrick

With : Frank Silvera, Jamie Smith, Irene Kane

Date of recovery : January 17, 2018

Release Date : 13 June 1962

Duration : 1h07min

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