fantastic Cinema : Blow of heart for THE BISTRO OF The HORROR

One afternoon of November, I face the icy wind, which reigns over Paris for me to visit one of the most intriguing of the capital. The kind of establishment for which all movie-goers dream, where we can converse for hours at a time, while chaining the glasses until all the cinemas of the world blend together in your mind. “Boss, a cocktail Mario Bava for me !“, “two whiskeys, Tobe Hooper, you put them on my slate.” The tenants of this corner of zinc blood stained, have chosen a name as sober as evocative : The Bistro of the horror ; the horror, of course there’s the card, but also thriller, adventure, supernatural, all that is necessary to attract the customer in the wrong film(s) genre(s). But don’t look for the address of troquet on a map or a GPS, like any great place, similar to those for which we dream to cross the big screen, The Bistro is an imaginary place, the decor is a monthly show broadcast on the platform video on demand service FilmoTV, for the past five years.

I arrive in the premises of the string, and find myself in the company of a friendly team in a nothing close to the multi-purpose studio which are installed on the shelves of DVDS and bottles of alcohol around the famous counter. Leaning on the counter, three experts of the genre have not expected that the recording will begin to share their opinions on the selection of the month, the theme is very enticing is this time the slasher. According to the plans, other stakeholders such as Erwan Chaffiot or Christophe Bier can come and sit on one of three stools; but now the faithful reader of the specialized press as I am, I had the pleasure to shake the hands of Fausto Fasulo, editor-in-chief of Mad Movies, and two elders of the cult magazine Starfix, Christophe Lemaire , and François Cognard. I felt that the main challenge that was waiting for Fausto Fasulo during this recording would be to successfully channel the two friends, who never cease going off on a tangent at the discretion of their memories of movie-goers desperate.

To make a passage into the vast subject and no tote of the slasher, the two journalists choose an entry by the key works that have set the genre in the seventies : Black Christmas, Alice sweet Alice , and the inevitable’ Chainsaw Massacre including the posters and the titles promising the pediment of the cinemas of the neighbourhood used to lure then the cinéphages of their species. In this month of December, our three facilitators were ecstatic as the kids have unwrapped their Christmas gifts in advance, when they evoke the torrents of hemoglobin available on VOD by FilmoTV. A combine harvester that destroys a nightclub in The Collection, a serial killer wearing a mask of Ronald Reagan in Tripper; the more the show is experiencing, the more the trio knows how to use humor and distance to present it in an atmosphere that is far to engender melancholy.

FilmoTV also broadcasts interviews exciting filmmakers (Jean-Jacques Beineix, Michel Hazanavicius, Gaspard Noé) where we take the time to go through their filmographies and address the various aspects of the creative process; a privilege that the media allow less and less, lately. Among the directors interviewed, Nicolas Boukhrief (another enfant terrible of the era Starfix) evokes precisely his esteem for The Bistro, where it is not necessarily to wait for a direct message, or the literal expression of a subject in the films presented, in order to identify a critical comment. Lemaire puts the Hammer films in the context of emotional the moment he was discovered, Cognard revels in composing a network of association of ideas and visual narrative when he lingers on a space opera ofAntonio Margheriti, and Fasulo enriches our culture cinéphilique distilling his anecdotes on the functioning of a production of Roger Corman.

The concept of the Bistro, the horror is simple, the device is minimalist and yet the bet is won : the show plays its role in heritage without being solemn or tedious. Each number is conducive to dust removal of specimens cinematic sometimes the precursor, sometimes simply atypical, masterpieces underground where the bad taste and good taste are above all the aspects twin of the generosity of these craftsmen forgotten. Toast therefore, to the health of the most user-friendly bistros in wishing him long life. But that everyone pays their tour, should not be messing around no more, guys !

You can find all the Bistros of horror (61 numbers since the creation of the issue) on the website FilmoTV by clicking on this link : https://www.filmotv.fr/news-cinema-filmo-mag/fiche-sous-mag/emissions/le-bistro-de-l-horreur/1.html


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