Feast the Movie 2009 : It’s gone !

To celebrate with the public its 25th anniversary, The Festival of Cinema is back in a new formula 7 days…

While it lasted, up to now 3 days, the new Party of the Film now lasts two times longer!!!

The Festival of Cinema of 2009 will take place from Saturday 27 June to Friday 3 July inclusive, on horseback on two weeks film : the public will have access to a choice of movies even more important.

The principle is very simple : for the purchase of a site at the usual rate of the session (full or reduced), each spectator will receive the new Card, the Feast of the Cinema. With it, he will be able to make it for the entire duration of the event, throughout France, to see all the films for only 3 euros per session !

Organised by the Federation Nationale des Cinemas Français with BNP Paribas, The Feast of the Cinema is one of the most popular events in the cinema calendar.

BNP Paribas, the exclusive partner of the national operations of the movie theaters, will extend The Celebration of Cinema from 4 to 10 July, offering more than 300 000 contremarques its customers and prospects of which 100 000 to win on www.bnpparibas.net (in the limit of stocks available). These contremarques will allow the purchase of up to 3 € on presentation of the Card Party of the Film obtained during the operation.

Virgin Radio is the radio partner of the event.

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