Festival Short Side : Everything you need to know about this Festival of Short Films !

Discover everything there is to know about the Festival Short Side, which will take place from 6 to 16 June.

We talked about it already in our folder dedicated to the festivals of the first category, but as the date is fast approaching, let’s go back a little bit more detail on the Festival Short Side, which will take place from 6 to 16 June at Pantin, in the Paris suburbs.

This festival offers three types of competitions, with the inevitable, and the main Competition Fiction, which offers 30 short films. There is also the Competition of Video Art that must move the lines between genres, and New Media, exploring new creative spaces.

These three different competitions, it is also a large number of projections of every kind which are in addition to, like Panorama, which presents a very great variety of styles, but also Screen-free, or a focus on Arian Loze and another on Japan.

But the Festival Short Side, it is also the opportunity to participate, attend and discover the cultural activities and the support of the establishment put in place by the festival. True’s commitment to openness and mutual support for all, it is not just ancillary activities and secondary to this festival, but an essential part of it.

The aid put in place

We, therefore, find as the action of using the Competition for the Best Project of the Film “The pitch”. For the past few years, this allows filmmakers to stand out in pitchant their project, in the hope of receiving the coveted ” Best film Project “, with a pre-purchase of France 2. Seven candidates have been selected to pitch their film project. If the candidates are already selected for this year, attend the 15 June is a good way to discover the concept before you may be interested in participating next year.

There will also be the return of the artist-in-residence – this was the year of Salma Cheddadi, which concerns a project with a class of 4th. The goal for Cheddadi is to show younger students the creative process of a work, from discussion to creation, and invite them to take part.

But what will be of interest to more than one – maybe not for this year but for the following – it is the residence of filmmakers in Seine Saint Denis, residence, of which we have already spoken, which offers three budding filmmakers eager to become more professional, to receive a year of support to refine and develop their desire to create, with, during the festival, a projection of their achievement.

It also found the same thing with the establishment of a residence of writer, a person accompanied by the festival to go from short to long, as well as the refunds of his project at the festival.

Short side is so much more than just a festival of short films, but truly a help and a support to the actors of the creation. Many aids are offered, and participate in one of them is a great opportunity to put in value. To discover all this, the simplest is to go through the Pass Director.

This enables you to attend all sessions of the festival and follow the 5 thematic sessions :

  • Find funding
  • Make a film in self-production
  • Work the sound
  • Direct actors
  • Develop the story

The opportunity to compare points of view, but also to share a privileged moment with confirmed directors. Perfect for young filmmakers aspiring to receive valuable advice. participation in the Pass Director costs 35 euros or is free if you are members of the Association who organizes the Festival Short Side.

You can find all the info about Short Side on the site of the festival.

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