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Become a movie Director

How to become a director

film director.…Still an important article for the blog. You ask me this question quite regularly and I’m sure that many of you are still going to ask me soon : How to become a movie director

Then I take the lead for the latter and I will answer thanks to this article for those who have asked me the question on : how to become a movie director or a director, any court; (o) (clip, pub, telefilm, institutional, documentary, animation)

Necessarily there are several options to you, but in the absolute you don’t need a school to be a film director. Only your motivation, tenacity and a little luck are necessary.

Ok, once you said it, don’t think it’s as simple as that to be a movie director, no ! I’ve already said a bit over the top, it takes work.

I remind you that I am self-taught and that, a few years ago, I wanted to be a director. It was almost 17 years back, the mere fact of failing made me sick. I believe that you too are in this state of mind, or not ?! ;o)

I would say that it is already a very good point for you : blame ! Like many young people or young adults, the passion and the motivation are, at the beginning, peak (at the top), but over days, weeks, this mad desire to get there fades as the doors and the refusal pile up !

And it is precisely at this moment that he must not let go ! This is where YOU’re GOING to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE compared to the other. Because you have integrated from the very beginning that the path may be long and bumpy ! But you’ve prepared for it !

In regards to your schooling, do you not take the head on the sector that you must take : L, S, ES, G, or I don’t know what. These issues are totally obsolete ! Whether you’re a nozzle at the school, or the first of the class, they are not your notes that are going to determine the fact of being able to do the film or not. Have a good academic level and the degrees that go with you will in contrast to to incorporate a film school more easily, to write and to speak properly (well, usually !). Have a good school and a definite plus in your future life, do not forget it. But this is not because your parents have to do a chain of scientific, literary or tertiary that you will not be able to be a movie director.

What are your options to become a film director ? :

1 You have the means

2 you have the capacity

3 you’re all alone

1) you have the means to become a film director

Most of the people I know have a different journey but the majority is spent by a film school. On the other hand few of them went to the caf with a option of film or audiovisual. Attention, I do not say that the faculties or schools are not used for nothing ! I’m just saying that they are not forced to pass, far from it. On the other hand a BTS audiovisual unlikely to be a way to get there. Not that the BTS trains you in business of a producer or movie director, but they teach you a trade link with the environment.

So if you have the means, try to incorporate a private school of cinema. This will give you a solid technical foundation. You can also begin to shoot short films within schools and rubbing shoulders with the different positions that has a shooting team. The other advantage, and not least, it is starting to make you a network. I would also like to put you ” on guard “, listen and don’t laugh no more doe or doe…the cinema is a medium where everyone has his chance. The first of the class, or the “father’s son” may not be (certainly not) the next Besson or Ozon…on the other hand the guy who does not pay mine or the girl is a bit odd, it could very well hit in a few years.

I say that because I’ve met ” small young “, fresh out of school, who were doing internships on a film or a tv movie (I was already an assistant director). A few years later, they have become scriptwriters or film directors…before me ;o)

One more important thing ! This is not because you do the kind of school that when you leave you will be a director or movie director ! If you think about it, go on your way. You will need to start at the bottom of the scale ! Make a school brings you knowledge and technique, and nothing more.

You will need to do internships in boxes of prods or on shoots. You will still need to go through the box of short films and festivals for you to know about. Some will, with luck, to go faster, but they will not be many.

Find the list of private and public schools here.

2) You have the capacity to be movie director

What I mean by this is that you have the means or the luck to get a place in a public school. You have successful in a competition, your academic record is at the top…

You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that I have outlined above, that too without breaking the bank ;o)

Now, a director who made a film school, it is more credible at the beginning as a self-taught, which is not that of the shorts ? I’m not sure !

Find the list of the bts audiovisual available in France.

That’s it for this first part of the article on how to become a film director, how to become a film director.

In the second part I will tell you everything you need to do if you do not have the means to enter a private school or if the public schools are not retained. It may also be of interest to others, because I’m going to give some basic tips to follow.

To read the second article it’s here ;o).

I hope this will enlighten you on the opportunities that you have. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to post them at the bottom of this article.

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