François Cluzet et Louise Bourgoin are white as snow

Filmmaker Christopher White (A Woman From Outside) starts shooting his second feature film, White As Snow, a thriller on a background of family relationships with François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin, Olivier Gourmet, Joanthan Zaccai and Bouli Lanners.

The pitch : Maxime (François Cluzet) has everything to be happy : manager of a concession flourishing of high-end vehicles, he is married to a delightful young woman (Louise Bourgoin) and lives in a comfortable villa. While rocking the day when Simon (Bouli Lanners), his associate, is murdered by a band of thugs. Accountable to the latter, Maxim calls for help of his brothers (Olivier Gourmet and Jonathan Zaccai), who are accustomed to small schemes. But their intervention turns into a fiasco and Maxime and his family plunge into a situation of more and more inextricable…

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