Friends : gag reel, exclusive to the 15th anniversary of the series

Here is a small video very nice on the occasion of 15 years of the series Friends

Ten years of the life of six friends in new york, between love stories and rants, are staged in these 10 seasons of pure happiness. With mythical locations like the apartment of Monica or the Central Perk coffee, this group of friends compete each episode of their lives – career, relationships, children – and support each other as a family. The viewer follows the path of initiation, always on the tone of the humour, of his six friends, from their arrival in Manhattan.

The 15 reasons to love Friends :

1 – Up to 52.9 million people have already followed the live broadcast on NBC of the episodes of Friends

2 – In France, 30% of 18-25 year olds have followed the broadcasts of Friends on France 2.

3 – A series that has received 56 awards (out of 153 nominations), including theEmmy Award for best comedy series in 2002 or the Golden Globes for best actress in a series, mini-series or television movie for Jennifer Aniston in 2003.

4 – A series that has evolved and which has remained in the top 10 for ten years.

5 – The haircuts of Rachel have inspired thousands of women and teenage girls, creating a true phenomenon of mode.

6 – The characters endearing and loved ones of spectators.

7 – Transcript of the american folklore, allowing young non-English speakers to approach the american culture.

8 – A comedy that also knows how to deal with serious problems (death of a loved one, infertility and adoption, divorce, redundancy…).

9 – hundreds of replicas cults.

10 – At least 3 explosions of laughter in front of an episode.

11 – The assurance of feeling more intelligent than Joey.

12 – The generic, the most leading of the French audiovisual landscape.

13 – The smile of Ross.

14 – A trio of actress breathtaking.

15 – 22 minutes of bliss.

The 15 replicas cults :

1 – Phoebe has just lost her grandmother and console her at the Central Perk :

[Phoebe] : “It’s not serious, she’s going to maybe come visit me.”

[Rachel, a little ironic] : “Or maybe it is already here, next to us.”

[Phoebe] : “Yes of course, it is his first day of spiritual freedom, and you believe that it is going to come in a vulgar bar !”

2 – Joey is with one of his conquests :

[Joey] : “I am an actor in the series The days of our life, you had to see me ?”

[Fan] : “No, to tell the truth, I’ve never had a television.”

[Joey] : “You do not have a tv ? But your furniture, they are turned to what ?”

3- [Phoebe] : “I cast a spell of that money, which means that misfortune will befall whoever wants to spend it !”

[Chandler] : “Oh, I take it, from all manner of misfortunes, I have a list. Ben what, you’ve never heard of the list of Chandler ?”

4 – Joey : “Joey’s not sharing his food ! “

5 – Chandler : “Who knows how to remove a chick from a vcr ? “

6 – Phoebe has Ross : “One day you’re gonna marry… divorce ! “

7 – Chandler : “I’m going to kill myself with yogurt expired ! “

8 – Joey : “How ya doing ? “(it’s gonna you ? ” in French)

9 – Chandler : “sometimes I would like to be a lesbian… Wait, did I say that aloud ? “

10 – The group that plays poker :

[Phoebe] : “Poker is Joker with a “P”… Coincidence ? ”

[Chandler] : “It is Joïncidence with a “C” ! “

11 – Monica to Phoebe : “When you were singing, you would have thought that it was a bag full of small kittens that were hit against a wall “

12 – Joey helps Ross to complete a form in the hospital :

[Joey] : Occupation ? Dinosaur

[Ross] : No Joey, I’m paléont….. Not leaves, dinosaur.

13- [Rachel] : “Joey, if you had to choose between food and sex, you would choose what ?”

[Joey] : “The sex, not food, not sex, not food ! … A girl covered in food!”

[Joey] : “And you, Ross, between sex and food ?”

[Ross] : “The sex.”

[Joey] : “I’ll rephrase the question, sex or dinosaurs ?”

[Ross] : “…”

14 – Phoebe : “Aaaaah ! Something has just touched my right leg ! Oh no, it’s just my left leg! “

15 – Joey and Phoebe goes down with the taxi to Phoebe :

[Phoebe] : “Ah, I know this problem, it’s already happened.”

[Joey] : “Oh, and then you know how it is controlled ?”

[Phoebe] : “Yes, by surrendering the essence.”

A great contest was also organized. Win : a trip for 6 to New-York, 3 homes, a cinema, 3 docking stations, I-Pod, 5 portable DVD players, 9 Sony Ericsson phones Aino, 3 boxes of full of Friends, 200 boxes of seasons of Friends , and 10 headphones MP3 :

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