Games for acting: we develop acting skills in children, adolescents and adults

The actor of the theater is a profession completely and completely tied up in practice and regular training. Games of acting for children of 5 years, adolescents or adults – an indispensable attribute of the teaching program in the theater school. Like playing a musical instrument, where no theory can replace muscle memory and hand mechanics, stage art is impossible without a whole range of learned skills such as:
• observance;
• emotional memory;
• ability to improvise;
• a living imagination;
• the feeling of a partner.
That is why the training of theater students does not involve boring cramming and sitting around smart books, writing or ordering paper works from essay writing services and making lab projects. After all, despite the fact that the theory is still part of the course, no one cares how many quotes from Stanislavsky you know by heart, only what you can show on the court is important.
The main condition for developing any skill is a necessity. It can be of two types:
1. Life. A group of cavemen need to learn how to act together in order to drive a mammoth and not die of hunger. They have no choice, so they either cope or die.
2. The game. A group of students plays in a group of cavemen who need to drive a mammoth. Students will not die if they can not cope with the task, but attempts to satisfy imaginary necessity will also contribute to the development of an interaction skill.
If the factor of vital necessity is absent, nothing can replace it, except for game imitation. That’s what makes acting games the most common and the only effective method of training an artist.
For children
In preschool and primary school children, games are the leading type of activity through which they become acquainted with the world around them, acquire valuable experience and develop comprehensively. Even the most simple games of acting for children are developing and help the child to develop certain skills. So, salochki and catch-ups provide children physical activity, development of reaction and coordination, hide and seek – attention and logical thinking, daughter-mother – communication skills in society, etc.
For the development of scenic skills in children, the best choice will be a game of acting for elementary school, which requires the work of imagination. These games include:
• Theatrical games – small game performances on ready-made subjects, which can be taken from popular fairytales or cartoons, using any number of participants;
• Face games – all games in which children act as a character or character; such games differ from theatricalized by full freedom of action, their plot and content is invented by the child himself;
• Games with dolls – games where the doll is an inanimate object that is endowed with the qualities of animate in the process of the game; similarly, students of theater schools work out faith in the proposed circumstances, in particular, they learn to win back scenery and props as if they are real.
Imagination is the basis not only of acting, but of creativity in general. Games for the development of the imagination contribute to the flexibility and variability of thinking: the ability to find non-standard solutions and think creatively.
For teenagers
When the child goes into adolescence, the all-consuming craving for games is replaced by a craving for communication. Now the society of peers becomes the main source of experience and new information for the child, and the harmonious development of his personality is directly dependent on success in communication.

It is very important for a teenager to develop in a timely manner such qualities as:
• healthy self-esteem and self-confidence;
• ability to find common language with peers;
• ability to show initiative and be a leader;
• the ability to make independent conclusions, make their own decisions and resist the harmful influence from the outside.
The best games for the development of acting for teenagers are games for interaction with a partner and teamwork.
An example of a team game
• Participants stand in a circle, holding the rope (the length of the rope is taken at a rate of 1 m per participant).
• The leader offers the team a figure (triangle, rhombus, square, etc.), which you need to build with your eyes closed, talking only verbally.
• It is possible to play a game in the form of competition between two teams, and also for a while.
Example of a game to interact with a partner
The game “Siamese twins” is very popular, where two partners, hugging each other at the waist, become like one merged body. They have only two hands for two and they have to walk, leaning against each other. In this form, teenagers perform the usual household activities, for example, breakfast, dress, or even play tennis.
For adults
It is more difficult for an adult person to train acting from scratch, which explains the age limit for admission of students in many theatrical schools (on average, 25-26 years). The thing is that adults managed to acquire a lot of masks, behavioral patterns, stereotypes of thinking, standard reactions, etc., for their long life in society. To teach an adult to play others, you must first teach him to be himself, weakening the grip of self-control.
Games for the acting of adults are games for inner emancipation and improvisation, the ability to “dive headlong” into any whirlpool without preparation, without fear of making a mistake, cause disapproval or seem ridiculous.
Example of a game for liberation and improvisation
• The actor arrives at the center of the court, receives from the presenter the circumstances and begins to exist in cotton. If the host shouted “Monkey!” And clapped his hands, the actor instantly turns into a monkey and exists in this image until the host does not cry out something new.
• It is important that each member of the group can be an active actor and a presenter.
• The more delusional and awkward the circumstances are, the more contrasted their change, the more interesting and useful the exercise becomes.

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