Has anyone won Powerball in CT?

Has anyone won Powerball in CT?

There was one winning ticket for the nearly $700 million Powerball prize last night and it was sold in California, but one ticket sold in Connecticut is worth $50,000. The $699.8 million prize is if the winner chooses the annuity option, paid over 29 years.

What are the Connecticut Lottery Winning numbers?

Latest Numbers

Game Result
Lotto! Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022 4 14 21 22 24 25
Powerball Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 12 21 22 30 33 24 PB Power Play: x4
Mega Millions Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022 2 3 19 52 58 16 MB Megaplier: x2
Lucky for Life Thursday, Jan 13, 2022 3 10 24 27 37 17 LB

Can you remain anonymous if you win the lottery in Connecticut?

According to its rules: “Winners cannot remain anonymous. The CT Lottery will consider a winner’s name, city/town, and the prize amount a matter of public record, unless the winner produces a valid protective order or Address Confidentiality Program authorization card.”

How much is the Powerball in CT?

Drawings occur Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at approx. 10:59 PM. Powerball costs $2 per wager. The Power Play® feature costs an additional $1 per wager — it can multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times!

How many numbers to win in Powerball lottery?

There are 9 ways to win! You can win a prize by matching just the Powerball number or win the jackpot by matching all 5 white ball numbers (in any order) plus the Powerball number.

What numbers are the most winning numbers in the lottery?

Studies of lottery winning numbers show that these numbers are the most common winning Powerball ticket numbers: 20, 37, 2, 31 and 35. Other frequent numbers are 42, 16, 26 and 19. Some people think that if you play those numbers, your chances will be better.

How do you pick winning lottery numbers?

Use lotto pick computer generated numbers. Allow the lottery to choose randomly for you. You can request random picks when you purchase your lottery ticket. When the attendant asked you for the numbers, tell him or her that you want the system to choose the numbers for you.

What were the last winning Powerball numbers?

The last lottery draw took place on Monday, at its usual time. As mentioned above the last Powerball lottery took place on October 18, 2021, at 10:59 p.m. ET. The winning numbers in that lottery were 30, 32, 48, 53, 63, 12 with the 2X Power play. And the Double play numbers were 2, 19, 21, 62, 66, 7.

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