Has there been any controversies at Drax power station?

Has there been any controversies at Drax power station?

Drax power station in North Yorkshire has scrapped controversial plans to swap coal-burning units for gas turbines after opposition from environmental groups. All coal-fired power generation has to end in the UK by 2025.

Who is Richard Drax married to?

Elsebet Draxm. 1998
Zara Draxm. 1985–1997
Richard Drax/Spouse

Who owns Charborough house?

The current owner, Richard Drax (born 1958), has served as Member of Parliament for South Dorset since 2010.

Does anyone live in Charborough house?

This is home to Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, the Conservative MP for South Dorset, who lives in the palatial Grade I-listed Charborough House, hidden from public view within the 700-acre private grounds. As well as being extremely wealthy, Drax is also an outspoken politician.

Is Drax coal fired?

Drax had planned to fully shut its two remaining coal plants in September 2022 and convert them to biomass. The North Yorkshire-based power station has switched the majority of its units to burning wood pellets that Drax says are carbon neutral.

How much land does Richard Drax own?

Family. Drax lives in his family’s ancestral seat, Charborough House – a Grade I listed manor house in rural Dorset. He holds the lordship of the manor of Longburton and is the largest individual landowner in Dorset, owning approximately 13,870 acres.

Who owns Blandford estate?

The majority of the estate, more than 2000 hectares, has been owned by the Crown Estates since the Portman family suffered the burden of death duties when the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Viscounts Portman died within ten years of each other in the early 20th century.

Who owns Charborough estate?

Can you visit Charborough house?

Welcome to Charborough Estate in the heart of Dorset Parts of the estate stretch from Wareham and the edge of the Isle of Purbeck to the south up to the River Stour to the north. Road access is good with both the A31 trunk road and the A35 passing through the property.

Who is Richard Drax?

But the shadow of slavery hangs over the gilded life of Richard Drax The hardline Tory Brexiter’s family made a fortune from their Caribbean plantations where thousands died. Now he faces urgent calls for reparations Richard Drax, Conservative MP for South Dorset in 2019. Photograph: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images

What is Richard Drax’s connection to slavery in the West Indies?

But for all his wealth and power, there is a dark shadow hanging over Richard Drax – his family’s historical links with slavery in the plantations of the West Indies, which are now prompting mounting calls from former Caribbean colonies for reparations.

How did Sir James Drax get rich?

The Draxes devised a commercial sugar plantation model, worked by slaves brought from Africa, that was immensely lucrative and copied across the West Indies and the Americas. Such was Sir James’s wealth that in 1650 he built the plantation house Drax Hall that still stands today and in which he lived, according to an eyewitness, “like a prince”.

What is the Drax estate?

My understanding is that the Drax estate includes many times the landholding area in Dorset with territory in NE of England as well as property in Barbados where family predecessors so successfully enforced misery and suffering to the 300, 000 black African slaves brought in chains to work the sugar plantations.

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