How accurate is polar loop?

How accurate is polar loop?

In terms of accuracy, the Activity Loop 2 is almost spot-on for step counting. For the 1,000 steps we physically counted, the Loop 2 recorded 941. Taking into consideration any errors with our counting, the Loop 2 is one of the most accurate step trackers we have come across, second only to the Fitbit Charge HR.

How do you charge a polar loop?

Charging Polar Loop Polar Loop has an internal, rechargable battery. Use the USB cable included in the product set to charge your Polar Loop via the USB connector on your computer. If you want to plug the USB connector to a wall outlet, use a USB power adapter (not included in the sales package).

Can I swim with my Polar unite?

The Polar Unite is waterproof up to 3 ATM since it complies to ISO 22810. When it comes to swimming sports, Polar differentiates between swimming, lane, and open water swimming.

How do I sync my polar loop to my computer?

Plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer with the USB cable. Make sure FlowSync software is running on your computer. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts. Completed is displayed when you’re done.

How do I sync my polar loop to my phone?

Follow these steps to sync your Android device:

  1. Start the Polar Flow app and it will start to scan for your activity tracker.
  2. Tap the button on your Polar Loop 2 to start the synchronization.
  3. When the sync is complete, the sync icon disappears and the activity clock view comes alive with your activity data:

Can I wear my Polar watch in the pool?

Most Polar products can be worn when swimming. When measuring heart rate in water with a GymLink compatible Polar device and heart rate sensor, you may experience interference for the following reasons: Pool water with high chlorine content, and seawater are very conductive.

What is the polar loop 2 and how does it work?

What is the Polar Loop 2? The Polar Loop 2 is the Finnish company’s second-generation sub-£100 activity tracker. Following years of making sports watches and wireless heart-rate monitors, Polar decided to take on the likes of Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit with its very own fitness band.

Is the polar loop a good fitness tracker?

The easy-to-use app, band comfort, time of day feature and waterproofness of the Polar Loop are big pluses for this fitness tracker. Its drawbacks include the tricky button on the band, and the limitations of the information tracked, which doesn’t include sleep quality details, for instance; even so, for the basics the Polar Loop is fantastic.

Can I track my swims with the loop?

Although you can’t track advanced swim metrics (like laps or strokes) with the Loop, you can use this tracker with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor, which can record your heart rate underwater.

Does the polar Watch Band show the time?

The band, from Finland-based Polar, also displays the time of day, and costs $99.95 on Amazon, which puts it on par in price with Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up. And neither of those is waterproof, nor shows the time.

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