How big do purple waffle plants get?

How big do purple waffle plants get?

6 inches tall
Purple waffle plant has metallic green-purple foliage with a unique puckered texture. It grows 6 inches tall and up to 18 inches wide.

Do purple waffle plants like to be root bound?

Purple Waffle does not like its roots to be sitting in water. Your Purple Waffle loves to be misted, feel free to do this daily, especially in the winter when the air is very dry. Not only does misting provide humidity, it also keeps pests away.

How big does a waffle plant get?

6 in. tall
How to Grow and Care for Purple Waffle Plant (Red Ivy)

Common Name Purple waffle plant, red ivy
Botanical Name Hemigraphis alternata
Plant Type Tender perennial, annual
Mature Size 6 in. tall, 8 in. wide
Sun Exposure Full, partial

When should I water my purple waffle plant?

Purple waffle plants require moderately moist soil year-round to keep their foliage lush and healthy. In summer, water whenever the soil feels barely damp 1/4 inch below the surface. Water deeply but infrequently, adding water until it trickles from the drainage holes at the base of the pot.

Does a purple waffle plant bloom?

A Purple Waffle plant occasionally produces small, tubular, white flowers. Fairly pest resistant, but a Waffle plant may attract whitefliesLearn how to identify and treat the plant pest Whiteflies at how to identify and treat and scale.

Do purple waffle plants need humidity?

Humidity Preference This plant loves to be misted, feel free to do this daily, especially in the winter when the air is very dry. Not only does misting provide humidity, but it also helps keep pests away.

How do you care for a purple waffle plant?

Mist your waffle plant daily or once every two to three days with warm, lime-free water. Also, to increase humidity, fill the drainage dish with pebbles and water, ensuring the pot is on top of the pebbles and not sitting in the water. Repot your waffle plant once each year in spring, transferring it into a container that’s the next size up.

What are the best aquarium plants?

Take a look at the best lighting setups for beginners. Foreground Plants. Carpeting plants like Java Moss, Willow Moss, and Water Wisteria tend to stay low to the ground and spread horizontally across the floor of your aquarium. Because of this, they make a great foreground plants.

Are purple waffle plants poisonous to cats?

The purple waffle plant is not toxic. It is not toxic to dogs or cats. According to the ASPCA , nothing in the plant will harm your pets at all.

What is a waffle plant?

The waffle plant is a tender tropical plant most commonly grown as a houseplant. It is sometimes grown as an annual ground cover due to its spreading habit.

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