How big do White Widow Autoflowers get?

How big do White Widow Autoflowers get?

Indoors, it will grow to an average height of around 50cm, with some larger plants reaching 100cm. Its yield is quite good for an autoflowering strain, producing around 190–240g/plant, depending on conditions.

How long are autoflowers in veg?

Autoflower cannabis average time from seed to harvest With 5-6 weeks of vegetative growth and around 9 weeks of bloom it can take 15 weeks or more for a feminised strain to reach harvest. That’s almost twice as long as a crop of fast autoflowers.

What is extreme Autoflower?

Auto Xtreme is an autoflower strain with a strong Haze aroma and taste. The smell is very similar to the aroma of traditional Haze varieties such as Silver Haze, Mexican Haze and Super Silver Haze. The cannabis buds of this strain have a spicy and pungent smell when smoked.

What are White Widow seeds?

Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica, White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s.

How do you grow White Widow Autoflower?

Fill an indoor grow space with plenty of starts and begin developing a healthy canopy. Prune beneath the screen to remove any unnecessary vegetation into the first week or two of flowering, but make sure to stop there to prevent stress on the plants. White Widow does well in either a soil or hydroponic setup.

What strains made white widow?

White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa that was created and developed by Shantibaba whilst he worked at the Greenhouse Seed Company….White Widow (Cannabis)

White Widow
Species Cannabis indica / Cannabis sativa balanced hybrid
Hybrid parentage Brazilian Sativa × South Indian Indica
Origin Netherlands

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