How can I get admission in MIT for PhD?

How can I get admission in MIT for PhD?


  1. Submission of the online application.
  2. A $75 application fee.
  3. Letters of recommendation.
  4. A statement of objectives.
  5. Official GRE test scores.
  6. Official TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency exam test scores.
  7. Transcripts.
  8. CV or resume.

Is GRE required for PhD in MIT?

Graduate Record Examination (GRE®) Most MIT departments require the GRE General Test. A small number of departments require a related Subject Test. Please check the department program pages for information about specific test score requirements.

How competitive is MIT PhD?

MIT is an extremely competitive school for graduate applicants. In 2016, MIT’s acceptance rate for all grad programs was just 13 percent. We can therefore say that it’s usually quite difficult to get accepted to grad school at MIT. (Of course, some programs will be easier or harder to get into than others.)

Does MIT offer a PhD?

MIT Sloan PhD Program graduates lead in their fields of research and go on to teach at the world’s most prestigious universities. Rigorous, discipline-based research is the hallmark of the MIT Sloan PhD Program.

How much does a PhD from MIT cost?


Fee Cost
Full regular graduate tuition (including graduate student staff), per term, fall and spring* $27,755
Doctoral students approved for non-resident tuition, first three semesters† $1,390
Doctoral students approved for non-resident tuition, subsequent semesters† $4,165

How long is a PhD at MIT?

5 years
It varies depending on the individual. Required course work and general examinations should be completed by a student’s 5th semester. At that time, field research and dissertation writing begin. Typically, it takes at least 5 years to complete the PhD.

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