How can I get Tamil medium certificate for Tnpsc?

How can I get Tamil medium certificate for Tnpsc?

Candidates who passed their academic exams like HSC/SSLC/UG/Graduate/Post Graduate in Tamil Medium can apply for a PSTM certificate.

  1. First, students must write an application for headmaster/principal/registrar.
  2. Mention the applicant’s name, class/year/semester.
  3. Also, mention the academic year of the student.

How do I write a Pstm certificate?

How to Apply for PSTM Certificate?

  1. Write an application addressing to your headmaster/principal/registrar.
  2. Mention your name, class/semester/year.
  3. Mention your academic year.
  4. Attach the required documents.
  5. Submit the form in the office of the institute.

What is Pstm category?

General Turn General Blind Persons Studied in Tamil Medium. GT – G – BLIND – PSTM. Others – Male – Deaf – Persons. Studied in Tamil Medium. OTHERS – M.

Are you seeking reservation for Pstm meaning?

The State government has reserved as much as 20% of vacancies in public services, including judicial service, for Persons Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) category, but the irony is that many government law colleges in the State do not offer courses in Tamil medium, the Madras High Court has pointed out.

What is proof Tamil medium?

Tamil Medium:- Persons studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) have to produce evidence, such as Transfer Certificate, Provisional Certificate/ Convocation Certificate/ Degree Certificate/ Mark Sheet received from the Board or University or from the Institution, with a recording that he/She studied the prescribed educational …

What is conduct certificate?

Conduct Certificate: A conduct certificate specifies the behaviour of an individual during a period of time, in an official place. It is also sometimes referred to as a character certificate. A conduct certificate is given to a student when he wants to get admission in another institute or in case of transfer.

What is Pstm quota?

Picture for representational purpose only. MADURAI: Candidates who have studied in Tamil medium in all stages from Class I to degree alone would be eligible for appointment under 20% Persons Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) quota, the Madras high court has said.

What is GT in caste?

Abbreviations:- GT – General Turn; BC(OBCM) – Backward Classes (Other than Backward Class Muslims); MBC/DC – Most Backward Classes / Denotified Communities; SC – Scheduled Castes; SC(A) – Scheduled Castes (Arunthathiyars); ST–Scheduled Tribes; G – General; W – Women; PSTM- Persons Studied in Tamil Medium.

Who are eligible for Pstm?

They reiterated that only the candidates, who have had their entire education — from Class 1 till college or the prescribed higher qualification — in Tamil medium are eligible for the 20 per cent reservation under the PSTM Act.

Who comes under communal reservation category in Tnpsc?

Ramasamy, the Communal government order was brought into effect by the Chief minister of the Madras Presidency. The reservation gave 44% to non-brahmin Hindus, 8% to scheduled castes and 16% to Brahmins, Christians and Muslims.

How can I get a PSTM certificate in Tamil medium?

To prove you have studied only in Tamil Medium you should get a cetificate from your School or College. There is 20% reservation for PSTM certificate. This should be chosen while filling the application form.

What if no evidence for ‘persons studied in Tamil medium’ is available?

If no evidence for ‘Persons studied in Tamil Medium’ is available as said, then a certificate from the Head of the Institution as given below must be furnished:- Candidates Use this single format for Both PSTM in Degree and PSTM in 10th Std/ SSLC.

How to claim PSTM reservation in TNPSC?

Dear Friends, the following instruction is available in the ‘TNPSC Instructions to the candidates section’. Just download this and get signature from the respective authority to claim your PSTM (Person Studied in Tamil Medium) reservation.

Is there any reservation for PSTM in government jobs in Tamilnadu?

As per a government order, G.O Ms.No.145 P & AR (S) Department dated 30.09.2010, the Tamilnadu Government provides 20% reservation in government jobs for Persons Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) candidates.

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