How can I go to Spain and Portugal in 10 days?

How can I go to Spain and Portugal in 10 days?

A 10-day itinerary for Spain and Portugal

  1. Day 1: Start in Madrid, Spain. La Puerta del Sol, a public square in Madrid.
  2. Day 2: Madrid to Segovia and back.
  3. Day 3: Off to Porto, Portugal.
  4. Day 4: Porto to Lisbon.
  5. Day 5: Lisbon.
  6. Day 6: Head to Seville, Spain.
  7. Day 7: Seville to Cordoba.
  8. Day 8: Cordoba to Granada.

What is Portugal to Spain?

The distance between Portugal and Spain is 273 km. The road distance is 625.3 km.

Does Spain or Portugal have better beaches?

The verdict Whereas Spain is graced by the warmer waters of the Mediterranean and the chilled-out beach life that comes with it, Portugal benefits from the lively waters of the Atlantic and some truly epic scenery.

Is it better to live in Spain or Portugal?

Overall, however, Spain probably wins when it comes to weather as it has more areas with mild winter weather than Portugal. However, Portugal is a better destination for surfers with several great surf spots like Nazaré, Sagres, and Ericeira.

Is it better to retire to Portugal or Spain?

According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Portugal ranks 3rd in the safest countries in the world. Spain comes in at 38. While these are both very high in the list, meaning both countries are quite safe, Portugal clearly wins over Spain in this category.

What is a Spanish Parador hotel?

Spanish Parador hotels are found in some of the most beautiful settings on the Iberian Peninsula. Totally Spain has a special relationship with Paradores built up over many years of working together.

What is Paradores & Pousadas?

Paradores & Pousadas. You’re invited on a distinctive small group journey through the Iberian Peninsula to the intimate lodgings of Spain’s paradores and Portugal’s pousadas: medieval monasteries, historic fort­resses, and stately palaces, each reflecting the spirit of its region.

What to do in Paradores?

Play, enjoy, live the world of golf in Parador de El Saler and Parador de Málaga Golf. In Paradores, we take care of the smallest details to make your work meetings become also a pleasure. Discover our spa routes and enjoy your well deserved rest in an unrivalled environment.

What is Parador de Alcaniz?

Parador de Alcaniz – Built on the hill top called the Cumbre de Cerro Pui-Pinos, this 12th-13th century castle-convent became the seat of the Order of Calatrava in 1179. Dominating the landscape of the Maestrazgo, it conserves the keep, the bell tower-sacristy and the part reconverted into an 18th c. Aragonese palace.

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