How can I improve my distributor sales?

How can I improve my distributor sales?


  1. SIMPLIFY THE FEEDBACK. Continuing to blindly provide sales leads to distributors, with no understanding or indication of their value to them, wastes money and frustrates everyone.

How do I improve my distributor relationship?

Here are 7 tips on how to build a relationship with your distributor.

  1. Meet with your distributor in person.
  2. Take your distributor out.
  3. Keep an open line of communication.
  4. Participate in distributor meetings.
  5. Build relationships with your sales rep.
  6. Attend events sponsored by your distributor.
  7. Help in marketing and sales.

How do I keep my distributors happy?

  1. Provide incentives for satisfactory performance. The oldest but most effective method of motivating distributors is to give them a challenging but realistic target and to reward them for reaching it.
  2. Listen to their needs.
  3. Arm them with the right sales materials.
  4. Avoid stealing business from your distributors.

What makes a good distributor?

Puts the needs and wants of the customer first Find a distributor that makes the purchasing experience custom to you. No sale should have a one-size-fits-all A distributor with good communication skills and fair practices will be able to adapt to your needs and provide you with solutions that help drive your business.

How do you convince a distributor?

3 Ways to Encourage Dealers to Sell your Product

  1. #1 Relationships. Think of the dealer/distributor reps as customers.
  2. #2 Education. Focus on the concept of “comfort zones.” Most dealer/distributor reps have a virtually unlimited number of products that they can promote.
  3. #3 “Easy, secure money”

How do you handle distribution?

10 Tips for Running a Successful B2B Wholesale Distribution Business

  1. Hire the right people.
  2. Stop writing and managing orders manually.
  3. Get your inventory under control.
  4. Give your sales reps what they need to succeed.
  5. Differentiate on customer service, not price.
  6. Keep your cash flow under control.

What are key factors in distributor selection?

Important factors to consider while choosing the right distributors are as follows: (1) Product line Coverage (2) Distributer size (3) Distributor type (4) Market/Customer coverage (5) Distribution Policies.

What is E distribution?

E-distribution is a type of distribution that uses purely electronic media. It is often interpreted as the buying or selling of services or goods over a public network without the physical media; this is usually done by downloading from the Internet to the consumer’s electronic device.

How do manufacturers and distributors work together?

Manufacturers can focus on innovation, engineering, and product quality while relying on their distributors to take those products to market. Often manufacturers will assist with sales and marketing efforts, including joint promotional activities, customized incentive programs, and shared sales leads for the distributor to act upon.

What are the benefits of selling products through distributors?

Selling through distributors benefits manufacturers by adding scale, reach, and specialization to their sales efforts. Manufacturers can focus on innovation, engineering, and product quality while relying on their distributors to take those products to market.

How can implementing technology help distributors?

Implement an easy and dependable way to let distributors provide feedback on the leads they are receiving—including quality and value. This can be done via an automated system that shares and tracks the lead, as well as capturing feedback for reporting and analysis by the manufacturer. 2. USE TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE

What are the challenges of being a distributor?

Along with these benefits come unique challenges. Distributors are independent companies that can sell many different products from different companies, which means continuous engagement and training are necessary to ensure that the products remain a top priority.

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