How can soil moisture content be controlled?

How can soil moisture content be controlled?

Adapt Planting Methods to Site Conditions — Plant the root ball so the crown is slightly above the soil level. Use coarse-textured fill material, such as sandy loam or loamy sand, to improve aeration and drainage. Do not use soil with a high clay content as fill material.

What is the procedure for moisture determination?

Methods of Measuring Moisture Content: Direct measurement: water content is determined by removing moisture and then by measuring weight loss; Indirect measurement: an intermediate variable is measured and then converted into moisture content.

Which standard method is used for determination of moisture content in soil?

ASTM D2216 is a laboratory standard test method for the determination of water content of the soil widely used in the United States as well as many other places around the world. The complete drying process of a soil sample in a conventional laboratory oven for twenty-four hours is the core of this standard.

What is the formula & procedure for moisture content test?

Ans: The formula for the determination of moisture content is. M.C = (Wwet soil – Wdry soil) x 100 / Wdry soil.

What is the moisture content of soil?

The soil moisture content of soil is the quantity of water it contains. Water content is used in a wide range of scientific and technical areas and is expressed as a ratio, which can range from 0 (completely dry) to the value of the materials’ porosity at saturation.

What is total moisture content?

The moisture content in aggregate is used to determine the binder content for HMA during production of the mixture in a plant. The procedure requires that a known amount of aggregate be obtained, the aggregate heated to remove the moisture, and the percentage of moisture determined.

What is torsion balance method?

torsion balance, device used to measure the gravitational acceleration at the Earth’s surface. The torsion balance consists essentially of two small masses at different elevations that are supported at opposite ends of a beam.

How do you calculate dry basis moisture content?

Dry Basis. Dry basis moisture content (designated Md in the text) is described by the percentage equivalent of the ratio of the weight of water (WW) to the weight of the dry matter (Wd). Note that dry weight moisture content can range from 0 to very large percentages.

What is the principle of moisture content?

The principle of the thermogravimetric method of moisture content determination is defined as the weight loss of mass that occurs as the material is heated. The sample weight is taken prior to heating and again after reaching a steady-state mass subsequent to drying.

How is free moisture content calculated?

Subtract the weight of the secondarily dried sample from the weight of the initial dried sample. Then divide this value by the weight of the secondarily dried sample. Then multiply this value by 100. If the resulting value is less than 0.1, the sample is considered sufficiently dry.

How do you measure moisture content in soil?

Measurement of soil moisture content by gravimetric method. The soil moisture content may be expressed by weight as the ratio of the mass of water present to the dry to the dry weight of the soil sample, or by volume as ratio of volume of water to the total volume of the soil sample.

What is soil moisture deficit or depletion?

Soil Moisture Deficit (SMD) or Depletion is the amount of water required to raise the soil-water content of the crop root zone to field capacity. 1. Obtaining a soil sample at the selected depth using a probe, auger, or shovel; 2.

Why should dried specimens be removed before placing wet soil samples?

Since some dry materials may absorb moisture from moist specimens, the dried specimens should be removed before placing new wet soil samples in the oven. Q & A about this Moisture Content Determination Method.

Why do we need to lower the moisture content of soil?

By lowering the moisture content, we decide to provide or extract some water from the soil to get full compaction. It is needed for the construction of embankments, dams, etc.

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