How can you tell an adder from a grass snake?

How can you tell an adder from a grass snake?

Grass snakes do not have the dark zigzag down their backs like adders, making them easy to tell apart. Grass snakes are grey-green coloured with black bars down their sides and a yellow and black ‘collar’ around the neck. They are found throughout England and Wales, but not Scotland.

Are grass snakes rare in UK?

Grass snakes are found across most of England and Wales, but are absent from Scotland and Ireland. The species can occur in a variety of habitats, including woodland, but is normally found close to water. It may even occur in gardens with ponds and plenty of vegetation.

How do you get a grass snake?

Grass snakes particularly like wetland habitats such as lakes and rivers. They can however be found in grasslands, open woodlands and in gardens, especially those that contain a pond.

Are grass snakes protected in the UK?

Grass snakes are protected by law in Great Britain. It is illegal to deliberately kill, injure or sell grass snakes.

What do you do if you find a Grass Snake in your garden?

Bring pets and children indoors (if the snake is still around), as they are the most at risk. Allow the snake to move through the garden – carefully note patterns down the back or along the sides, the colour and size; check identification again – it is much more likely to be a Grass Snake or Slow-Worm.

Will a Grass Snake bite you?

Predators include badgers, red foxes, domestic cats, hedgehogs and a number of birds; when caught, grass snakes hiss and release a foul-smelling substance from their anal gland. Although they may also strike with the head, they do not bite and are harmless to humans.

Will a grass snake bite you?

What is the difference between an adder and a grass snake?

Grass snakes are bigger than adders, up to one metre in length, completely harmless and are rarely seen. They have an olive-green background colour with black vertical bars along their flanks. Did you know?

Did you know the adder is Britain’s only venomous snake?

Did you know? 1 The adder is Britain’s only venomous snake 2 The grass snake is bigger in length than the adder 3 Hedgehogs will prey on adders More

Why is the UK’s adder snake population in decline?

The UK’s adder population is in decline. Habitat loss is thought to be the leading factor in this worrying trend, with intensive agriculture destroying suitable habitat and causing adder populations to become fragmented and isolated. The species is fully protected by law. Grass snakes are the UK’s most common snake species.

Should the British barred grass snake be given full species status?

The British population of grass snake belongs to the distinct subspecies Natrix natrix helvetica, but new research published in August 2017 proposed that it should be elevated to full species status, with the name barred grass snake, Natrix helvetica.

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