How did Beowulf want to be buried?

How did Beowulf want to be buried?

How does Beowulf want to be buried? He wants to be burned at the water’s edge, and to build a tower and call it’s Beowulf’s tower. What did Wiglaf do with the treasures that he had won with Beowulf? He buried them in the sand near the tower.

What is Beowulf fighting for?

Beowulf wants to fight Grendel in order to win treasure and, more importantly, fame (which he calls a warrior’s “best bulwark” [l. 1389]). Under the ancient Northern European warrior code, a warrior should seek out the most challenging opponents he can find, in order to enhance his own reputation.

What does Beowulf want done for his funeral?

Beowulf orders Wiglaf to build a barrow for him on the coast after his body has been burned on a funeral pyre. This barrow will be visible to ships and remind people of Beowulf’s great deeds.

What does Beowulf ask Hrothgar to do if he dies?

Beowulf asks Hrothgar to take care of his people, the Geats, if he should die in battle. Beowulf also asks him to send his belongings, including the treasures that Hrothgar had bestowed upon him the day before, to King Hygelac.

How did geats honor Beowulf when he died?

The Geats honor Beowulf by holding a burial at sea for him and burying him with the dragon’s treasure. They also build a tower in honor of Beowulf. Twelve of the strongest and most noble Geat warriors ride on horseback around the tower, celebrating Beowulf’s heroic life.

What is a universal theme in the epic Beowulf?

One universal theme Beowulf conveys is the importance of both courage and competency in fighting evil. Hrothgar and his men are not lacking in courage, but for twelve years, they have been unable to kill Grendel, who has been terrorizing the mead hall, Heorot.

What is buried with Beowulf?

The men push the dragon over a cliff, and it falls into the sea. Beowulf’s body is taken to Hronesness, where his funeral pyre is burned and his funeral mound is constructed. The mound is filled with the treasure that Beowulf won from the dragon and all of the Geats gather around to lament the death of their lord.

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