How do I become a scientist in Space Station 13?

How do I become a scientist in Space Station 13?


  1. Bare minimum requirements: Do R&D if nobody else is.
  2. Basic skills: Upgrade machines around the station. Do your job without blowing up the department.
  3. Advanced skills: Do Xenobiology before the Captain calls the shuttle. Make bombs and get your teeth kicked in by security.

How do you get research points in SS13?

Research points are generated at a static rate by the R&D Network and can be spent on Technology Nodes at the console. This is what your console will look like at the start of the round. Simply click into any of the technologies to see what it requires and what it unlocks.

What is Space Station 13 code?

SS13 is coded in Byond, which is an object oriented programming language.

How do you talk on the space station 13?

How do I talk? To speak to fellow players, type Say, press spacebar, and write your message. Press Enter. To speak on your headset, type Say, press spacebar, type a ;, then write your message.

How do you make a bomb in ss13?

The Easy Part Take a tank transfer valve off the table. Attach the plasma tank to the valve. Next attach the oxygen tank. Congrats, you made a bomb.

Can I run Space Station 13?

Space Station 13, often shortened to SS13, is a top-down tile based action role-playing multiplayer video game running on the freeware BYOND game engine, originally released in 2003….

Space Station 13
Engine BYOND
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release 16 February 2003
Genre(s) Role-playing

Who created space station 13?

Space Station 13/Developers

How do I stop pulling in SS13?

These hotkeys are meant to be used both in hotkey-mod and regular mode, so remember these and use them often!…

General Hotkeys
End or Control + W Toggles Throwing Mode
Delete Stop Pulling
F12 Toggles the HUD
Tab Enables Hotkey-mode

How long does a game of Space Station 13 last?

A round of SS13 can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the mode of play and the shuttle call, but a typical round lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.

How do you light a cigarette on the space station 13?

For lighting your cigarettes, heating beakers or making a light source by attaching it to your belt or pocket slots….To smoke:

  1. If you need to, take it out of your cigarette packet.
  2. Light it.
  3. Equip it.

How do toxins become ss13?

Head to the Tank Storage Unit, grab a Plasma Tank and an Oxygen Tank, and load them into one of the white Portable Scrubbers and empty your tanks completely of Plasma and Oxygen, respectively. Put the empty blue tank in the Tritium Pump, set the target pressure to 850 kPa, set direction to In and turn on the pump.

Is Space Station 13 hard to get into?

The biggest barrier to entry in Space Station 13 is the controls. The UI is, at a glance, complex, and the controls are unintuitive. Thankfully, once it clicks, you’ll never have an issue with it again. Don’t let it overwhelm you – after a round or two of practice, you should be fine.

What is spacespace station 13?

Space Station 13is a multiplayer sandbox that has a heavy focus on player interaction. In the year 2561, the megacorporation Nanotrasen has employed you as a staff member onboard their latest state of the art research station.

What are the best jobs to do on Space Station?

Scientist is one of the most feared and fun jobs on station. Being a scientist means you can either make a buttload of delicious weapons, tools and gadgets through research, breed colorful slimes, make delicious fun-packing bombs, or experiment with time and space themselves.

Is there a guide for station 13 for first time players?

From /tg/station 13 Wiki Jump to navigationJump to search This guide is designed for ease of use for first time players, so non-essential information is segregated to expandable text boxes. Reading these isn’t necessary to get into the game, but it’s recommended. Contents 1What is SS13? 2Before Playing 2.1Setting Up 2.2Joining the Game

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