How do I become an air hostess in Thailand?

How do I become an air hostess in Thailand?

  1. – Single, Thai national. – Minimum height 160 cms.
  2. – Thai national, exempted from military service. – Minimum height 165 cm with weight in proportion to height.
  3. – Bachelor’s degree in any fields.

How many airlines are in Thailand?

There are over 30 airlines operating the airport which serves as a hub for Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Thai AirAsia.

How many languages do you need to be a air hostess?

As you want to become an Air Hostess, then the most important language is both Hindi and English. Air Hostess candidate must be fluent in speaking English and Hindi both.

How to apply for a job at Thai Airways?

– For Thai applicants, the application form including all the required documents must be submitted in person during official working days from 08.00 -17.00 hrs., from now until June 9, 2017, at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (Head Office), Building 3, Floor 5, Employment Services and Personnel Records Department (IA).

What is the application date for Thai Airways International Public Company Limited?

With reference to Thai Airways International Public Company Limited announcement, regarding the application for the management positions, the submission date for the position of the Executive Vice President of the Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development has been extended to June 9, 2017.

How do I enable cookies on the Thai Airways website?

To use the website, you should ensure that you have cookies turned on in your browser. Internet Explorer from 9.0 and higher Select Tools – Internet Options – Click the Privacy tab – Move the slider to Medium or lower (click the Default button first if you don’t see the slider) – Click OK.

What is Thai (Airways)?

THAI (Airways) serves smooth as silk and convenient direct flights from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to popular destinations across Asia, Europe and Australia.

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