How do I become an online English tutor in Korea?

How do I become an online English tutor in Korea?

Basic Requirements to Teach English Online to Koreans

  1. 10+ Mbps download and upload speed.
  2. A noise-cancelling headset.
  3. A decent laptop or desktop & webcam.
  4. Good English proficiency.
  5. 120 hour TEFL.

How do I become a Korean English tutor?

Best Sites and Apps to Teach Korean Students English Online

  1. Skybel. Hourly Rate: $15 to $20.
  2. Engliphone. Hourly Rate: $17 for audio classes, $20 for video classes.
  3. Classo. Hourly Rate: $18 to $21.
  4. Bok Tutors. Hourly Rate: $13 to $18.
  5. GlobalT English. Hourly Rate: $14 to $15.
  6. Carrot Global.
  7. Nil English.
  8. Global VCC.

Can I get paid to teach English online?

Teaching online is non-traditional, but has the potential to earn you big $$$. The best part about online teaching positions is that not only can you get paid for speaking English, you can also find opportunities to teach English online with no experience.

How much is the salary of English tutor in Korea?

Private Tutoring: 1-2 million Won per Month Private tutoring is a popular way for many teachers abroad to earn additional income. In South Korea, you can expect to earn an addition 1-2 million South Korean Won ($900-$1,800), depending on the number of hours you work.

Can I teach English in Korea without a degree?

Can you teach English in Korea without a degree? Yes. Most jobs require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree in almost any subject; however, there are some schools that allow non-degree holders to teach (check out number five of our list below of the best jobs and programs for teaching English in Korea).

Which companies pay you to teach English to Korean students online?

While most of the big online ESL teaching companies are based in China, there are also plenty of ESL platforms out there that work with Korean students. Today, I’m going to be sharing what I think are the top 10 companies that will pay you to teach English to Korean students online. 1. Tutoring (AKA 2. Global IT 3. Skybel 4.

Are there any Korean online ESL jobs like Japanese?

Korean online ESL companies mainly have adult students, which is very similar to Japanese students, meaning that they are typically business professionals but less teaching hours. Checkout this List of Chinese Online ESL Jobs if you’re looking for the similar time zone but with greater pay rate and opportunities.

Which is the best site to teach English in Korea?

1 Nil English. Nil Englishis a smaller online platform offering lessons to adults and children from Korea. 2 Tutoring Go. Tutoring (which is also referred to as TutoringGo in some places), is an audio conversation platform for teaching English to Korean adults and children. 3 EnglishHunt. 4 CafeTalk. 5 ZikTalk.

What are the best online tutoring companies in South Korea?

Tutoring (AKA Tutoring, also known as is one of the most popular companies for teaching Korean students online. I have personal experience working for this company and I only have good things to say about them.

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